Eyebrow Shaping
Mondi Hodgdon, Dani Wagener Beauty

A good brow-shaping can change your life. Really — every time we leave Mondi Hodgdon’s chair, the compliments start pouring in. Did we lose weight? Get a tan? Suddenly we have cheekbones, and our eyes pop without mascara. Hodgdon’s tools are tweezers and a bit of wax, but she might as well be sprinkling pixie dust.

Mondi Hodgdon, Dani Wagener Beauty | 125 Newbury St., Boston, MA | 617-236-0415

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  • Jen

    Because Mondi has a very busy schedule she forgets its her clients that have brought her to the top. She no longer feels that she needs to “please” her clients. I feel like she has become greedy and her work has lost the touch she once had. Instead of trying to make sure each client leaves the door happy That’s no longer her priority. Instead if you point out a mistake she made she brushes it off and speaks to you in a condensing way. I don’t appreciate her attitude and I am quite surprised there is nothing on yelp hmmm I wonder why? Are they hiding something? She is only listed in this magazine as the best every where else she is unnoticed. I have noticed most of her clients hardly have eyebrows so she does not know how to work with thicker eyebrows. So just buyer be aware. Is she worth $60 it’s up to you. I can get the same work done else where for half the price. She has been marketed well that’s all it takes. To me her talent is the same has the next person.