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Kitchenwares by Blackstones

When Kitchen Arts closed last year, homechefs lost a good friend—a hardware-store-like shop stocked with culinary tools. Thankfully, Jennifer Hill (co-owner of Blackstone’s of Beacon Hill) revived the place, enhancing it with great gift ideas for hosts and hostesses of all stripes. With a focus on locally sourced wares, she offers handmade knives by LamsonSharp and cheerful aprons by Lynne’s Whim, as well as any cook’s gadget you can think of.

Kitchenwares by Blackstones | 215 Newbury St., Boston, MA | 857-366-4237 | http://kitchenwaresboston.com/

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  • Dave Hope

    Yikes! The elites sure love to overdo it — feckless Harvardians having to be TOLD that they are skill-deficient windbags — what’s next, actually having a JOB? The lumpen masses shudder…