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When this newly revamped sushi hot spot introduced a weekend-only, late-night menu, we put it into our regular post-party rotation. With its umami-packed ramen topped with barbecued eel; blistery bonito-topped shishito peppers; soft, unctuous pork-belly buns; and deep-fried hot dogs with miso-mustard sauce and pickled vegetables, Uni provides us with an excellent excuse for sleeping till noon on Sunday.

Uni | Eliot Hotel, 370 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA | 617-536-7200 | http://www.cliorestaurant.com/

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  • Brian Beggs

    how is a place that closes @ 10:30 considered late night? I simply don’t understand. Late night is after the bars close and should be considered at least 1 am. Just because the T stops at midnight doesn’t mean that the city stops at midnight.