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Ceia Kitchen and Bar

We appreciated the doting service. We marveled at the kitchen’s inventive-ness (e.g., the vegan-friendly dish whipped up for our dining companion). We admired the exposed-brick dining room. But we absolutely worshipped Ceia’s steak frites: a mouth-watering hunk of tenderloin coated with porcini butter and served with sweet-potato steak fries and chef Patrick Soucy’s house-made ketchup. This stuff is so good, he’ll soon be bottling it for household consumption.

Ceia Kitchen and Bar | 25 State St., Newburyport, MA | 978-358-8112 | http://www.ceia-newburyport.com

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    I have to wholeheartedly disagree with this recognition. I have had 3 strikes at Ceia, from bad food (who knew you could burn gnocchi) to bad service (a server who left in the middle of us being there, without passing our orders or anything along to the next server who took over; eating dinner at the bar, only to be ignored when a large party of steak-eating males showed up after us and got their food WAY before us). Several other Newburyporters have also shared stories of disappointment, including a server who was angry at them for ordering a bottle of wine at 9pm, when the restaurant was still open. I will say, their brussel sprout salad is excellent, but I learned how to make it myself at home and we avoid this place. Too bad, since we could use a few more great places in Newburyport. Enzo deserves this honor much more than Ceia…