Food Trends


Post 390’s Doughnut Throwdown Returns

Doughnut dominance will be determined on October 4 when some of Boston and New York's top talent clash in Back Bay.

shepard sq

Light My Fire

The scoop on Shepard, in Cambridge.

topo chico boston sq

Full-On Fizz

Meet Topo Chico: sparkling water’s palate-cleansing, hangover-quelling superior.

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The Cold-Brew Revolution

There’s a reason your local barista is ghosting on traditional iced coffee—the kind brewed hot and then poured over ice. Cold brew, with fewer bitter oils and biting fatty acids, packs an inherently more complex and palatable jolt than its hot-extracted sibling. Here, three of our favorite cold-steeped varieties to improve your morning fix.

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Meze Madness

Welcome to the age of meze dining, a choose-your-own smorgasbord that’s even better suited to communal dining than tapas. From Turkish fusion to Greek taverna fare, here’s how some of Boston’s best chefs are making small the next big thing. Again.

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Hot, Rich, and Famous

Apparently, you can bottle it. Three chef-made condiments we’re slathering on with unchecked abandon this summer.

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Get Shorties

Why restaurants should re-embrace the half-bottle—and so should you.

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Haute Dog

Menton goes all-American with high-end hot dogs.

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Here Comes the Asian Gastropub

Want more small plates inspired by the flavors of Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam? So do we. Here, three newcomers (and one menu revamp) show us how it’s done.

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The Backyard Barbecue, Upgraded

Sure, you could spend the day chopping vegetables, crimping pie crust, and slaving over a smoker for your next party. But this summer, why not leave the slaws and ribs to the pros instead? Ahead, the connoisseur’s guide to a gourmet cookout.