Food Trends

¡Qué Viva México! Nine Standout Mexican Dishes Around Boston

No piped-in mariachi. No kitschy sombreros or pastel piñatas. And certainly no overstuffed burritos sheathed in aluminum foil. A new class of Boston chefs is embracing the symphony of textures, spices, and soul in indigenous Mexican food like never before.

Get Funky with These Fermentation Products

Ready to go beyond that jar of bread ’n’ butters? Pucker up with these condiments, preserves, and DIY pickling tools. Fermented bliss awaits.

Four Seasonal Noodle-Soup Bowls in Boston

Pho was just the beginning. These days, your noodle fix might come with tender lo mein, aromatic-laden broth, or a side of schmaltz. Here’s how Boston chefs are turning their love of ramen, udon, and even Indonesian soto into the ultimate seasonal pick-me-up.

The 12 Best Cookies in Boston

In honor of National Cookie Day—and the treat-filled, holiday season—here are a dozen Boston-area cookies we are totally sweet on.