Polar Seltzer

Polar’s Summer 2017 Flavors Are Officially Here

Each year on May 1, summer comes early to New England. But this has nothing to do with May flowers or sunny skies—no, this is […]


Where to Recover from the Boston Marathon

If you ran on Monday, your body is probably feeling it today. But here’s some motivation to drag your aching muscles and blistered feet off […]


We Tried It: Flotation Therapy at Float Boston

The latest trend in relaxation, flotation therapy, involves lukewarm water, confined spaces, and complete darkness. What could possibly go wrong?


What It’s Like Inside the Boston Marathon Medical Tent

In his 40 years with the Boston Marathon, Chris Troyanos has seen it all. “We’ve seen just about everything imaginable—and a few things you wouldn’t […]

Cora Ball

Reducing Water Pollution May Start with Your Laundry

When, last spring, Rozalia Project teased a then-unnamed tool meant to reduce water pollution, the New England-based conservation group was shocked by the immediate, impassioned response from […]


Cannabis Cold Brew Is Coming to Quincy

If you ask anyone who suffers from caffeine withdrawal, they’ll tell you coffee is already a form of medication. But now, two local companies are […]


The Interview: Sleep Expert Charles Czeisler

Can’t sleep? Boston’s top expert explains why getting a good night’s rest means more than just a comfortable pillow—it means changing the way we live.


Sperry Unveils Its First-Ever Line of Athletic Sneakers

With its latest collection, Sperry is trading sailboats for sidewalks. The nearly century-old boat shoe brand, based in Waltham, is heading to dry land with […]

Just Breathe

You Can Take Yoga in a Himalayan Salt Room

Salt therapy rooms—spa-like digs pumped with pharmaceutical-grade salt—have been popping up around Massachusetts for the last few years. But at a brand new facility in […]


The New Normal: Five Health-Boosting Holistic Therapies

Hospitals, meet healers: From acupuncture to reiki, these five health-boosting holistic therapies may be just what the doctor ordered.


Somerville Is Now Home to a Public Sleeping Pod

If subway naps just aren’t cutting it, you’ve now got a new way to snooze in public. Sleepbox, a startup that installs private, sound-proof luxury […]

Fathers Uplift

This Roxbury Nonprofit Wants Every Child to Grow Up with a Father

For his entire life, Charles Daniels Jr. has been shaped by the absence of his father—first personally, then professionally. Daniels, a social worker and a father […]


Six Places to Take Spa and Ultra-Restorative Yoga in Boston

There’s a subtle change afoot in the fitness community. No longer is the name of the game pushing yourself as hard as you can, as […]


Drop Everything: Polar Seltzer Has a New Product

Drop everything and get to the grocery store. Polar Seltzer, New England’s favorite purveyor of all things bubbly, has a new product, called Seltzer’ade. According […]

Valentine's Day

How to Stay Sane This Valentine’s Day

National Singles Awareness Day—or Valentine’s Day, as it’s more commonly known—is just around the corner. While the happily coupled look forward to boxes of chocolate […]