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Best Places to Live 2015: Cracking the New Town Code

If you’ve moved to a new town and your abode is hidden down a winding driveway, mingling is tough. How to break in without feeling like a middle schooler circling the cafeteria? Like any good Realtor would tell you, dress up what you’ve already got. Here’s how.


Best Places to Live 2015: How to Beat the Boom

Boston real estate may be a solid-gold bet, but buying and selling requires know-how. Here’s who’s in the game, where things are hot, and how to navigate the market to find your next home.

Best Places to Live 2015: Condo-Crazed

Don’t believe we’re in a boom? Let real estate agent David Bates, who chronicles trends on his website, the Bates Real Estate Report, convince you.

Best Places to Live 2015: Ultra-Luxe in the ‘Burbs

The cost of full-service living in Boston has skyrocketed, driving developers to lure amenity seeking buyers out to the suburbs with elaborate campuslike complexes, packed with everything from swimming pools to golf courses to Pilates. —Lindsay Tucker

Best Places to Live 2015: Don’t Buy. Rent.

In a hot urban market, renting is becoming an increasingly attractive option for Bostonians who—like the family profiled here—want to remain in the city, yearn for flexibility, and don’t feel like parting with a down payment.

Not in Newton’s Back Yard

Well-heeled progressives champion liberal ideals, ­including housing the homeless. Just don’t try it in their neighborhood.