Takeaways from Marty Walsh and Tito Jackson’s Town Halls

Marty Walsh may have a big lead in the polling for the ongoing mayoral race, but Tito Jackson says that doesn’t trouble him too much. […]


Michael Flynn Is Surfing the Pain Away in Rhode Island

Nothing takes your mind off a sweeping investigation of a campaign’s ties to a hostile foreign power like some killer waves. Just ask Gen. Michael […]


The Interview: Marty Walsh

He’s seen the Olympics crash, the economy rise, the middle class fade, and GE arrive. Now, Mayor Marty Walsh sits down to talk about why he wants four more years in office. Will you give it to him?

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Elizabeth Warren Gets Sentimental on Instagram

Elizabeth Warren may have a lot going on in the Senate, but it looks like things at home couldn’t be better. The Massachusetts senator seems […]


Shiva Ayyadurai: The Shock Candidate

The man who claims to have invented email turned from liberal activist at MIT to right-wing candidate against Elizabeth Warren. But what is he really trying to win?


Massachusetts Is Suing Betsy DeVos

We’re suing again. In Massachusetts and 18 other states, attorneys general are taking Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to court over the Trump administration’s decision to […]


Massachusetts Won’t Give Up Voter Records to Trump

President Trump’s voter fraud commission has asked states to hand over records on its voters in order to investigate his bizarre charge that millions of […]


New England Republicans Are Speaking Out Against the Senate’s Health Bill

After the release of a CBO report that said millions would lose health coverage under the Senate’s proposed Obamacare repeal bill, Republicans in New England […]


Marty Walsh Is Polling 31 Points Ahead of Tito Jackson

Unless something major changes between now and the election in November, things are not looking good for Tito Jackson. A new poll out from Suffolk […]

Tito Jackson Boston City Councilor

Tito Jackson Is Challenging Marty Walsh to a Debate

City Councilor Tito Jackson, who is running for mayor against Marty Walsh, is challenging Walsh to a debate. In an appearance on Herald Radio today, […]


Charlie Baker Joins Bipartisan Governors Slamming TrumpCare

Calling a humane and affordable healthcare plan a “bipartisan responsibility,” Charlie Baker is among a group of seven Democrat and Republican governors calling on Senate […]


City Council Candidate Does Cartwheel, Actually Quite Good

Corey Dinopoulos is running for Bill Linehan’s old South Boston seat on Boston City Council, facing establishment favorite Ed Flynn, son of former mayor Ray. […]


Brooklyn Company Launches Kickstarter for an Elizabeth Warren Action Figure

Elizabeth Warren already made her comic book debut last year. It would only make sense that she get her very own action figure, too. The […]


Ed Markey Unveiled His Latest Groan-Inducing Acronyms in Worcester

More than 3,200 Democrats, including both Massachusetts senators and three gubernatorial hopefuls, convened at the DCU Center in Worcester this weekend to hammer out the […]


John Kerry Compared Donald Trump to OJ Simpson

John Kerry, whose political muzzling during his tenure as Secretary of State is now decidedly over, used a potent analogy when he sat down with NBC’s Meet […]