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Best Places to Live 2014: Growing Family

The kids need a dedicated playroom. You need a big kitchen—and you’ve earned that master suite with the fireplace and walk-in closet. These towns offer sizable lots, superb services, and unique architecture.

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Empty Nester

At long last, liberty! You’ve shed that pesky job, your final freeloader has been kicked to the curb, and time is yours to savor. Schools aren’t a factor and commute time doesn’t matter, but a waterfront view sure would be nice.

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How to Win a Bidding War

Experts say brutal buyer-on-buyer combat is the exception, not the rule. But just in case, we asked mortgage broker Kevin Kuechler how to play to win—at every stage of the game.

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Embracing Your Plan B

Mick Jagger said it best: You can’t always get what you want. Sometimes your dream home in a dream town won’t materialize, making a secondary plan essential. Keep your pulse on these up-and-coming places, all of which offer the highlights of the area’s buzziest towns—without the steep markup.

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