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The Incredible Shrinking Chef: Part II

Chef Nookie talks liquid diets, the temptation to cheat, and the social network that has buoyed him post-surgery.

TOP CHEF -- "Banannaise" Episode 1306 -- Pictured: Karen Akunowicz -- (Photo by: Jerod Harris)

Top Chef Recap: Cheers to Karen

When Padma handed her a beer, Karen Akunowicz knew it wasn't just any old toast, but the Boston chef soon had reason to celebrate.

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The Incredible Shrinking Chef: Part I

Chef Nookie Postal gets personal about addiction, body image, and the unspoken problem in today's restaurant industry.

Top Chef California

Top Chef Recap: Karen and Carl Are Hot

In the California desert, the chefs had to harness the power of the sun. Back here in Boston, you may someday be able to try their dishes.