EXPLO (Exploration Summer Program)

An EXPLO summer just might change your child’s life. EXPLO (Exploration Summer Program) is what school would be if school was always awesome: no grades, no pressure, and fun. One expectation: Every student will explore subjects and activities they have only wondered about, meet people from countries they have only seen online or in movies, and make discoveries that might very well blow their minds—in the best of ways.

For more than 40 years, students at EXPLO have been exploring everything from hover-crafts to emergency medicine, 3D art to archaeology, hip-hop dance to entrepreneurship, and more. EXPLO offers one-, two-, and three-week programs, and welcomes day and boarding students at three different campuses: Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, for students entering grades 10-12; Wellesley College for students entering grades 8 and 9; and Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts for students entering grades 2 through 7. Bus transportation is available for day students in the Greater Boston area. And partial grants are available for those with financial need. EXPLO is a safe, exciting, fun summer of exploration offering a time for your child to discover their true passions, explore interests in ways you or they never thought possible, and encounter people and ideas that will broaden their mind—and world. Visit explo.org or phone 781.762.7400 for information.

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