Beyond the Basket: Essentials for a Picture-Perfect Picnic

All the modern accoutrements you need for a picture-perfect picnic.

picnic essentials

photograph by dave bradley

“Pörö” wool-and-mohair blanket, $278, Marimekko

Picnic kit with banana-leaf basket, $128, Terrain

Palm-and-leather carryall, $60, Kaufmann Mercantile

In Basket

Couleur Nature linen napkin, $70 for four, Lekker

“Just Hooked” oak-and-stainless-steel bottle opener, $16, Terrain

Three-piece bamboo utensil set, $9, Core Bamboo

On Grass

Wooden bocce set, $320, Fredericks & Mae

Fabric pillow, $13, Bed Bath & Beyond

Selki-asema “Cityboy Picnic” steel grill, $229, Finnish Design Shop

On Blanket

Melamine bowl, $10, and plastic bucket, $3, both Target

Beve paper straws, $6 for 25, Olives & Grace

Tivoli iPAL portable radio, $220, Audio Lab

“Rocking Bird” ceramic salt-and-pepper-shaker set, $24, West Elm

Alessi “Ape” resin apéritif bowl, $56, Didriks

“Sorrento” melamine dinner plate, $12, Jonathan Adler

“Lunea” melamine salad plates, $4 each, Crate & Barrel

“Sorrento” acrylic glasses, $9 each, -Jonathan Adler

DuraClear wineglasses, starting at $53 for six, Williams-Sonoma

“Côte d’Azur” melamine dinner plate, $12, Jonathan Adler

Room Essentials polyester pillow, $20 for two, Target

Cotton napkin, $6 for four, Target

Salt Cellar wooden cutting board, $96, Olives & Grace

Alessi “Ape” resin bowl, $59 (sold with spoon, not shown), Didriks

“Carlos” acrylic glass, $6, Crate & Barrel

Sabre Natura stainless-steel-and-acrylic cheese knife, $34, Reflections

Takenaka polypropylene bento box, $30, December Thieves

In Woven Bag

“Diana F+” camera, $89, Lomography

“Betsy Ann” straw hat, $160 (shown with “Louise” hat feather, $6), Goorin Bros.

Leather boat shoes, $375, Longchamp.

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