Trend Watch: Knuckle Rings

Photo courtesy of OneGarnetGirl.

Whitey is finally behind bars, but mobster-esque fashion is hitting the streets in the form of brass-knuckle-inspired rings. These babies come in two forms: the multiple finger version, like this rose-adorned one from Aldo, or the moonstone bar ring at right by local designer OneGarnetGirl; and the elongated variety with a built-in hinge, which from now on I will be referring to as “Robot Fingers.” (This Crishabana ring wins the creepy prize for taking the knuckle idea to a whole new level.) I understand that fashion and practicality don’t have the strongest marriage, but a piece of jewelry that potentially interferes with basic motor functions is taking things a bit far.

What say ye, Bostonistas? Would you embrace this trend or give it the (robot) finger?

  • Hanadi

    I hope this doesn’t come off as bitchy because I don’t mean it as such… But let’s be honest, knuckle rings have been around for over a year… therefore I think this article is a little late which kind of feeds into why Boston isn’t considered a fashion forward city (compared to other metropolitan cities like NYC, London, etc). Let’s see some up and coming trends highlighted!