Street Style: A Dapper Dude, Bike Included

Guys, take note: This is how you do winter wear.

Chic cyclist Theo Miller rocked great winter wear in Harvard Square: Goorin Bros. hat, Ted Baker scarf, Penguin coat, Polo pants, and Ferragamo loafers. His custom-built bike is from Open.

What are you reading?

Let’s see…(laughs) I’m a grad student, I should be able to remember this. Oh yes, I just finished a book of Junot Diaz’s short stories called Drown; I read it in Spanish, so the title is Negocios.

What are you listening to?

At the moment, a lot of Etta James since she just passed away. Etta James and Jay-Z.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Boston?

Jody’s restaurant, Rialto. Definitely Rialto.

  • Miss Maxali

    What a hottie! Etta James & Jova? Damn! How do I get in his Polo pants? Love the hat too. Swooooon!


  • Luna

    The world needs more intelligent, environmentally-friendly, well-read and stylish people like this dapper dude!

  • Atreyu29

    Calm down guys, I saw that hat at Target

  • Atreyu29