Converse Creates ‘Boston’ Shoe to Benefit Marathon Victims

All proceeds from sales will go to the city’s “One Fund.”


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Now there is some foot apparel to go along with those “Boston Strong” t-shirts and hoodies. A Massachusetts-based shoe company has launched a limited edition sneaker, exclusively sold in in the Back Bay, to honor the city and give funds to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Converse, which has headquarters in North Andover, created the $85 shoes featuring the city’s skyline and the word “Boston” with the company’s iconic star logo inside the lettering. The green and canvas-colored Chuck Taylor’s were made in an effort to support the “One Fund,”  which was set up by Mayor Tom Menino and Governor Deval Patrick to help aid the victims hurt in the marathon attack. According to the company, all proceeds from the limited edition sneaker sales, both online, and in their Newbury Street shop, will go towards the fund.

In January, Converse announced it would be moving its headquarters to to the Lovejoy Wharf by the Garden in April of 2015. The “All Star” company, as city officials have called it, will bring 100 luxury residences, a rehabilitated wharf with public docks along Boston Harbor, and stores to the area as part its development plans. At the announcement ceremony, the company honored Menino with a pair of unique Converse sneakers, fit for the longest-serving Boston mayor.

  • donna terchiak

    I want this it

  • bostonlou .

    sold out according to their website
    now they’ll be on ebay with someone else reaping the benefits
    converse should make more


      Agreed they need to make more! Or whoever does sell them on ebay should have the decency to donate the money!!!!!

      • bostonlou

        if they’re buying it to ebay it then the chances of them being decent are slim to none

  • Jan Mullaney-Magee

    They are cool, but it should have said Boston Strong…. not just Boston…. my thoughts…

    • bostonlou

      i like it as it is… i think the boston strong thing is getting overplayed

      we’re boston … that says it all to me

  • Praveen Venna

    Anyone know how many they made?