Boston Athletes Rajon Rondo, Jacoby Ellsbury, Gregory Campbell, Julian Edelman, and Patrice Bergeron in John Varvatos’s ‘Style & Substance’

The star Boston athletes get a hat tip from the noted menswear designer.

boston athletes john varvatos style substance

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Want to see some of your favorite Boston athletes looking posh and polished instead of sweaty and stinky? Check out the latest edition of John Varvatos’s Style & Substance site, where Rajon Rondo, Jacoby Ellsbury, Julian Edelman, Gregory Campbell, and Patrice Bergeron are featured sporting (sorry, couldn’t help it) sophisticated clothes and accessories by the famous menswear designer.

The slideshows comprise the ultimate Boston sports fashion feature that female fans have always dreamed of.

This is not the first time Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo has been celebrated for his fashion sense. On Style & Substance, he is quoted:

I think fine craftsmanship speaks volumes about how someone views themselves and ultimately how they want to be perceived. I enjoy things of the highest quality, because I’ve worked hard for them … I like the gentleman who knows what looks good on him, but also always open to trying something new—within reason; anyone with a unique sense of style who isn’t trying too hard.

Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury is photographed on his home turf at Fenway Park. He says, “I’m pretty relaxed and comfortable when I’m not working. Every so often I throw a tie on, but typically my wardrobe staples consist of a great-fitting pair of jeans, a good-looking watch, and comfortable shoes.”

boston athletes john varvatos style substance

And where is Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman photographed? Well, aside from some lovely outdoor shots near the Common, Edelman is also shot sitting casually on an MBTA train (a surprisingly clean-looking and spacious Green Line train, no less!)

Finally, Bruins players Gregory Campbell and Patrice Bergeron model stylish menswear on and off the ice. “I’d much rather invest in something of quality that lasts. To me, the finer things are finer because they last,” says Campbell. This quote appears on a photo of him delicately placing a hockey stick on a rack. Who knew hockey players were even capable of being that gentle? Perhaps it’s the Pygmalion effect in play…

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