Roundup: Vegetarian Restaurants In Boston

Delicious dining for Boston residents who don't eat animals.
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Boston has its fair share of high-end restaurants where some of the best chefs in the country work their culinary magic. Unfortunately, at many of these places, Boston’s vegetarians and vegans struggle to find dishes they can enjoy. Located mostly in Allston and Cambridge, Boston has developed a growing vegetarian and vegan foodie culture. Here are some of the top places where everyone, even those who eat meat, can come together and enjoy good food.  Also, don’t miss the free Vegetarian Food Festival Oct 26th and 27th. 

Veggie Galaxy

Probably the most well-known Bostonian vegetarian hangout, Veggie Galaxy has certainly made a name for itself. With its classic diner atmosphere, minus the meaty burgers, Veggie Galaxy offers food for everyone. Top your meal off with a scoop of coconut-based ice cream, or a fresh baked good. And with pages of gluten free options, there is something for everyone.

 Veggie Galaxy, 450 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, 617-497-1513,

Life Alive

This little inspirational haven in Central Square serves all organic, whole foods and encourages overall physical, mental, and emotional wellness through food. Their menu has everything from tofu-based dishes to a gooey warm cheese quesadilla, to fruity snacks. Life Alive also offers a variety of energizing juices and smoothies, giving everyone, vegetarian or not, a healthy mid-afternoon boost. All smoothies are made from FoMu coconut ice cream, and there are plenty of gluten free and dairy free menu options for every meal.

 Life Alive, 765 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, 617-534-5433, 

My Thai Vegan Cafe

Offering traditional Thai cuisine with solely vegetarian options, My Thai is delicious no matter what your food preferences. While they offer familiar Thai dishes with the meat stripped out, like Bangkok fried rice, My Thai also has veggie-based meats in their dishes like lemongrass or green curry chicken. The menu also helpfully denotes which meals contain gluten for its gluten-free customers.

 My Thai, 404 Harvard Street, Brookline 617-739-8830, 

Taco Party Truck

Boston’s traveling vegetarian truck has multiple locations depending on the day and a variety of tofu, tempeh, and seitan tacos marinated in savory sauce. One special surprise taco changes every day and each taco is only $4. The challenge will be finding one (Hint: if you happen to stop by the SOWA market on Sundays, you might get lucky).

 Taco Party Trucks, multiple locations Monday-Sunday,  


This cute Allston vegetarian place has an extensive vegetarian and vegan friendly menu that includes things as basic as friend vegetarian spring rolls to The No Name which is battered gluten covered in a sweet and sour sauce with steamed vegetables. Dishes like the Kale & Mushroom Delight, and the Grasshopper Supreme of steamed eggplant and Portobello mushrooms, make Grasshopper unique in the Boston vegetarian scene. Gluten-free customers will have to be careful here, though, as many of the dishes involve a lot of gluten.

 Grasshopper Restaurant, 1 North Beacon Street, Allston 617-254-8883,

Red Lentil 

This Watertown gem has a menu featuring vegan shepherd’s pie, sesame encrusted seitan strips, and of course red lentil soup. Most of the menu is also gluten-free and desserts made in-house also offer nut-free and gluten-free options. Students with a valid ID automatically get 15 percent off and the specials change on a daily basis to keep things continually fresh.

Red Lentil Vegetarian Restaurant, 600 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, 617-972-9188, 


Root focuses on serving as much locally grown organic food as possible; they include local vegetables and house made sauces in every dish. The menu is small but the taste is big: things like their homemade basil lemonade and sweet potato quesadilla will satisfy the cravings you didn’t know you had. The juice bar is also locally sourced, and offers more quirky options like the Beetnik which contains beets, orange, and fennel.

 Root, 487 Cambridge Street, Allston 617-208-6091, 

True Bistro

Monopolizing the upscale vegetarian dining scene, True Bistro is an elegant option for vegan and vegetarian dining, complete with wine pairings for each entree. With special gluten-free and nut-free menus, and a wide variety of alcoholic options, True Bistro brings vegetarian dining and fine dining together for a delectable experience.

 True Bistro, 1153 Broadway, Somerville 617-627-9000, 

Are there any that we’ve missed? Comment with your favorite vegetarian restaurant in Boston. 

Megan Tripp Megan Tripp, Digital Intern at Boston Magazine