Choose This, Not That

Easy tips to cut the calories from your holiday meals.
Thanksgiving meal image via shutterstock

Thanksgiving meal image via shutterstock

At this point, you’ve most likely read through 100 different “healthy holiday” stories. We are guilty of putting out a few, too. But Anne Danahy, a registered dietitian and nutritionist at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, says that there are some easy ways to cut calories from your meal without have to give up any of the delicious foods on your table.

Instead of four stuffed mushrooms, choose four pieces of shrimp cocktail.
Save 330 calories

Instead of 4 ounces of dark turkey meat with skin, choose 4 ounces of turkey breast with no skin.
Save 70 calories

Instead of 1 cup of green bean casserole, choose 1 cup of steamed green beans.
Save 100 calories

Instead of 4 ounces of candied sweet potato, choose 4 ounces of baked sweet potato.
Save 60 calories

Instead of a half cup of gravy, choose a quarter cup of gravy.
Save 40 calories

Instead of a slice of pecan pie, choose a slice of pumpkin pie.
Save 225 calories

Instead of 8 ounces of regular eggnog, choose 8 ounces of light eggnog.
Save 100 calories

Instead of 6 ounces of wine, choose 6 ounces of wine spritzer.
Save 75 calories

Melissa Malamut
Melissa Malamut Melissa Malamut, Senior Editor, Health, at Boston Magazine