A.J. Moran: I Bike in the Snow

Moran, an architect, founded Green Line Velo, a Boston-based elite cycling team. His passion is all-weather cycling, including daily 10-mile commutes during our last hellish winter.

Photograph by Trevor Reid

A.J. Moran

Age: 27
Occupation: Architect.
Passion: All-weather cycling, and we do mean all-weather: Last hellish winter, Moran commuted 10 miles, riding to and from Jamaica Plain to the Seaport without missing a single day. He averages 175 miles weekly.
It Helps That…: He founded Green Line Velo, a Boston-based elite cycling team.
Tools of the Trade: Weatherproof (and Boston-proof) armor.

• • •

1. On his face: Oakley “Jawbreaker” shades with large lenses block snow glare and keep his eyes from drying out.

2. On his hands: Moran blocks the chill—and looks classy—with Craft’s fleece-lined leather “Shield” gloves.

3. His ride: Moran skips the carbon fiber, preferring the aluminum frame of Specialized’s “Crux E5” bike.

4. On his bike: A Specialized headlight and taillight are essential for darker mornings and earlier sunsets.

5. Over his wheels: SKS “Raceblade Long” fenders prevent moisture from flying up, keeping him warm and dry.

6. On his legs: Craft “Tempest” rain pants block wind and cold.

7. On his rims: Schwalbe’s wide, studded “Marathon Plus HS 440” tires help Moran’s bike grip treacherous roads.

8. On his feet: When the temperature drops, Moran uses Craft neoprene toe covers and HotHands toe warmers to prevent his feet from going numb.

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