Three Massachusetts Politicians Fitter than Paul Ryan

The Vice Presidential Candidate has nothing on our fit politicians.

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has been getting a lot of press for his hardcore P90x routine. In case you missed the photographs, Time magazine published some shots of him looking like a “Screech Goes to the Gym” episode of Saved by the Bell. In all fairness though, his workout is intense and his body under that suit looks like a world-class athlete (we hear). Sarah Palin has a fitness book coming out, on … well … whatever she does to work out. President Obama has a mean basketball game, and the First Lady’s arms will make any fitness enthusiast jealous.

But Massachusetts is consistently ranked as one of the fittest states in the country. And who is representing us? Oh, just marathon runners, Iron Man competitors, and guys that bike across the country for fun. Take that, Paul Ryan: You have nothing on these fit Massachusetts politicians.


Senator Brownsberger biking Name: State Senator Will Brownsberger

Age: 55

Fitness Activity: Biking

Fitness Feats: Brownsberger completed two Ironman Triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112-mile bicycle ride and 26.2 mile marathon). He also biked across the country, 3500 miles, which took 41 days.

Favorite ride: Brownsberger bikes to work from Belmont to the State House everyday along the Charles River.




mike ross running Name: City Councilor Mike Ross

Age: 40

Fitness Activity: Runs about 35-40 miles a week

Fitness Feats: Ross participated in a 300-mile AIDS-ride from Boston to NYC and ran in the 1998 Boston Marathon. He also regularly runs charity 5Ks on weekends.

Favorite run: Ross runs Jamaica Pond every morning.





Senator Mike RushName: State Senator Michael Rush

Age: 38

Fitness Activity: Runs about 30 miles a week

Fitness Feats: Rush runs everyday except for Sundays. He was deployed to Iraq just a few months after being elected, and after a full day serving on the ground in Baghdad, he’d always hit the treadmill.

Favorite Run: Participating in 5Ks, like the Brew Run (pictured).





Is your local politician fit? Tell us in the comments!

  • bob

    Senator John Kerry has ridden in the 111 mile Pan Mass Challenge bike ride every year for the past decade.

  • agingcynic

    Funny how George W. biking was derided as a slacker but Barack suddenly “has a mean basketball game”, the comments from NBA Commissioner Stern last week notwithstanding. Never miss an opportunity for rhetoric, I guess.

  • Melissa Malamut

    Thanks for the info Bob! We would have loved to include Kerry, but we kept it short and with lesser known politicians. His work with the Pan Mass Challenge is admirable.

  • Melissa Malamut

    Thanks agingcynic (fun name!) for your comment! I’d love to see Stern take on Obama on the court. No contest. His (Stern’s) comments were silly. Thanks for reading!

  • Kristen

    How about Tom Conroy, who walked around the state Summer 2011 while campaigning for U.S. Senate?