Reebok's New Crazy (and Awesome) Sneaker

This sneaker's gone viral before it's release, and people can't figure out if they love or hate it.

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Reebok sneakerReeboks new sneaker the ATV 19+ has the web on edge. Photo provided by Reebok.

Have you seen Canton-based Reebok’s new¬†sneaker¬†yet? Mashable used words like “nipple-bottomed” and “martian” to describe it and that it “freaked out the Internet” by finding a¬†Reddit thread called “Reebok has lost it”. Well it might look a bit weird, but we don’t think Reebok has lost it at all. In fact, we think this shoe is kind of cool.

Reebok calls the sneaker an “all-terrain vehicle for your feet”.¬†Designed by¬†Bill McInnis, a former NASA-scientist who is currently Reebok’s head of technology, the ATV 19+ ($140;¬†available¬†Feb.1) is inspired by the tire geometry of an ATV. The sneaker features nineteen irregular lugs designed to grip (and rip through) mud, snow, sand, and grass for a¬†smooth¬†running experience on even¬†the¬†roughest of surfaces. The lugs grip the terrain like an ATV would and that will keep you steady on your feet and reduce the chances of¬†rolling an ankle. Just like an ATV, the lugs are wide-set for better stability. The ATV 19+ technology works to grab the most terrain possible with each step, which makes it¬†great¬†for running on any unpredictable surface. It might look funny, but Reebok could be on to something here.

Here is the bottom of the sneaker close up: Reebok's new sneaker

The lugs that make the shoe famous. Possibly a trail runners dream shoe. Photo provided by Reebok.

Want to see the show in action? Here is a video that further explains the design and tech behind the sneaker:

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