The November Project Expands Its Free Fitness Empire

The Boston-born November Project starts a Madison, Wisconsin tribe.

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harvard-stadium-fitnessHarvard Stadium interior. Perfect for running stadiums. All photos by Melissa Malamut (more photos below)

The beloved Boston-born, free fitness community known as the November Project is expanding. What started as a free, fun-loving way to workout with strangers (that soon become your best friends), is now “opening up” a¬†Madison, Wisconsin outpost. We say that in quotes¬†because¬†there is no physical¬†location, and there most likely never will be. Why?¬†Because¬†the November¬†Project is free and always will be (although wasn’t that Facebook’s motto too once?). They use public land (and a spirited group of fitness enthusiants) to exercise, and¬†sweaty¬†hugs to motivate each other. We first reported on the tribe back in¬†October, and then again when one of our¬†writers braved the coldest night of the year (so far) and¬†chronicled¬†her experience running the Ninja Race.

What is more motivating than getting to run stadiums in Harvard Stadium? We hope the people that use the oldest concrete structure in the nation to workout understand how lucky they are. It is very rare to have a stadium just open to the public like that, and it is (was) probably¬†the Boston-area’s best kept fitness secret. (We feel sort of scared giving away our¬†favorite¬†place to¬†workout¬†on weekends, but something this good must be shared.)

The¬†November¬†Project¬†announced¬†the¬†expansion¬†via social¬†media¬†(which is how the community “talks” to each other):

What we love about the¬†November¬†Project is how it is¬†transforming¬†fitness and how we think about working out. The price of gyms and specialty studios keeps rising, and the¬†November¬†Project sort of puts a middle finger up to all of that, but¬†without¬†actually doing that¬†because¬†they are all about positivity and love (i.e. sweaty hugs). By expanding into another state, it proves that you don’t need 10 reformer Pilates classes for around an¬†astonishing¬†$300 (seriously¬†Boston, it’s like $260 at most places in NYC and in Florida, get a grip), or a $150 a month fancy gym membership¬†because¬†the locker rooms have eucalyptus¬†aromatherapy, cucumber water, and towel¬†service. All you need is an alarm clock, some workout¬†attire (layers for¬†winter), and an open mind (well that, and an awesome stadium to use for free). Bravo,¬†November¬†Project.

fake november projectThe November Project is so popular that it’s spawning imitators. A random pop-up bootcamp at Harvard Stadium.

stairs-harvardLooks easier than it is.

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