Fitcorp and Boston Sports Clubs Deal Finally Done

But we still don’t have any answers for members about price and location changes. Stay tuned.

Updated 5:43 p.m.: We were just sent these photos from the Pru. The signage is changing as I type this.

New signage at the Pru. Rest in peace Fitcorp.

New signage at the Pru. Rest in peace Fitcorp.


But this one in the hallway still needs to be changed.

But this one in the hallway still needs to be changed.

Town Sports International finalized their deal to acquire Fitcorp this week. We received this information from a press release:

Town Sports International (TSI), the owner and operator of Boston Sports Clubs (BSC), announced [this week] that the previously pending acquisition of Fitcorp has formally closed. The transaction adds five more clubs and four managed sites to TSI’s portfolio of 159 clubs in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, 25 of which operate under the Boston Sports Clubs brand.

Short and sweet. The only information we really can pull out of here is that Fitcorp will no longer be called Fitcorp. So those of us that work out at the Pru location will now be working out at a BSC. That is all fine and dandy, but we still have a lot of questions like will the price go up? Will the club now be overrun with BSC members? Will we have access to other BSC’s? A confidential source told us that the club in the Pru may close for a few months this summer for renovations. Can we get some answers please?

We’ve asked the powers that be at Town Sports a few times for answers but keep getting the same response. Here is their formal answer:

Hi Melissa – there is a letter being mailed to all members this week that will give more insight into what members can expect. I think the letter will also be available at the clubs!

So there you have it. Looks like we will all find out at the same time. We will publish more information when we have it.



  • Ryan

    Did you receive the letter? What did it say?