Boston Children’s Hospital Finds Root Cause of Diabetes

They say that with just a little more study, they could possibly cure type 1 diabetes.

What if you could treat diabetes without insulin shots? Boston Children's hospital is close. Insulin shot photo via shutterstock.

What if you could treat diabetes without insulin shots? Boston Children’s hospital is close. Insulin shot photo via shutterstock.

Boston Children’s Hospital could be on the verge of curing type 1 diabetes. Seriously. This huge news, which was announced today on their blog, could affect the 215,000 people in the U.S. younger than 20 who have diabetes (type 1 or type 2). That’s a pretty huge number, so it’s no wonder why it’s been called an epidemic.

People who live with type 1 diabetes have to inject themselves with insulin to regulate the glucose in their blood. It’s an immediate fix, but there are many long-term complications associated with diabetes, like heart and kidney diseases, nerve problems, skin issues, and problems with vision, among others. “Insulin injections can manage hyperglycemia by reducing the patient’s glucose levels, but it is not the cure,” says Dr. Paolo Fiorina of the Nephrology Division at Boston Children’s Hospital in the report. The Nephrology Division was recently ranked number one in the country by U.S. News and World Report.

Fiorina was looking for the molecular pathway that triggers diabetes, hoping to find better treatment options with the ultimate goal of finding a permanent cure. “In order to truly cure diabetes, we needed to pinpoint exactly why this happens. And then prevent it,” Fiorina says.

According to Boston Children’s Hospital, Fiorina and his team found the root cause of type 1 diabetes:

Fiorina and his team studied hundreds of pathways in animals with diabetes. They eventually isolated one, known as ATP/P2X7R, which triggers the T-cell attacks on the pancreas, rendering it unable to produce insulin.

“By identifying the ATP/P2X7R pathway as the early mechanism in the body that fires up an alloimmune response, we found the root cause of diabetes,” says Fiorina. “With the cause identified, we can now focus on treatment options. Everything from drug therapies to transplants that require less immunosuppression is being explored.”

It will still be a few years before they can test the therapies in children, but the outcome of what was discovered here could be truly amazing.

“I believe it won’t be long before we can cure diabetes with a number of different therapies depending on the needs of the patient,” Fiorina says on the blog. “Then, if the right screening techniques for diabetes could be developed, it would be entirely possible in many cases that we could prevent the disease from ever developing in children. The future of diabetes treatment is very exciting.”

  • JonesRobynj

    This is so fantastic. If we could cure this disease in children just think how many lives would be saved in all of these patients. Hopefully they can find a cure of type 2 as well.

    • David Tanstaafl

      The cure for Diabetes type 2 is simple. Diet and exercise.

      • Antoinette Hando

        hehe As a type two diabetic I found it pretty easy to control. I know for my father and grandmother (who both had it) it was a lot more difficult.

      • Marie Dep

        Ahhh, no. There is no cure for either type of diabetes. Type 2 can be *managed* with diet and exercise. I can diet and exercise my @$$ off, and a full-sugar Coke will still put my blood sugar in the 300’s.

        I bet you think all Type 2s are that way because they’re fat and lazy, completely disregarding genetic links, pancreatic diseases and traumas, and other precipitating events (in my case, chemo for aggressive breast cancer left me Type 2 before my hair grew back).

        • Suzie

          My dad used to be type 2. He lost 101 pounds and no longer is considered to have diabetes. I imagine if he drank a regular Coke his sugar would go up also.

        • Daniel John Armas Walton

          Avoid high fructose corn syrup.

  • Jackie

    Wonderful news. Would this work in the adult population? I’m a new type 2.

    • Erick X Bamberger

      Type two would have a different trigger as it is the body’s inability to accept produced insulin into the blood to counter sugar, rather than the body’s inability to produce insulin entirely. Unfortunately these two barely related diseases are labeled so similarly. However, there is a good chance that this could help to cure adults with Type I diabetes in addition to children with it.

    • Jeremy

      The treatments that may be developed out of this study should work for adults, but will not be of any use with Type 2 diabetes which has completely different causes.

    • maggie carson

      Here’s your cure for type 2:

  • Jim Wubbena

    I have had Type 1 since I was 12…I am 43 now…and it would be an amazing thing to see this cured.

    • Brian Kung

      See @daveglasmann:disqus’s post. And please follow the research and help publicize, promote, and above all, fund it. Because the industry giants probably won’t.

      • JasonF25

        The paranoid in this country are getting out of hand.

        • nikki79

          Right, because when some corporation stands to lose billions of dollars they just stand around and do nothing.

          • Khürt L. Williams

            I have worked in Pharma. It takes billions of dollars to research, test and get a SINGLE drug approved. Not all research succeeds. Most fail. The ones that get approved must pay for the cost of researching the failures. Drug patents only last 17 years but a single drug can take up to 7 years to research, test, and bring to market. So the companies are left with 10 year to make back the cost of investment AND a healthy profit. You do realize that businesses that don’t make a profit don’t stay in business right?

          • Branden Mann

            Big pharma spent 19 times more on self promotion than research in the last few years. Nineteen TIMES more. And with Pfizer making 10 BILLION dollars in profit last year, you aren’t going to get me to cry a river over the 58 billion they spent, especially since 50 of that was adverts.

          • nullhogarth

            Source? Also, when you say that Pfizer “made” $10 billion, what you are saying is that they accrued that much profit for their investors. It is not evil to make money. In fact, it is the entire function of business.

          • Branden Mann


            Liberal leaning site for sure, but the BMJ article is subscription only.

            No, profit isn’t a bad thing, but as we have an economic crisis due to hyper-inflated healthcare costs, perhaps they could do with a slightly smaller margin?

          • Jenelle Anderson

            Use their financial reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Free. Here’s the industry problem. Science gets 12% their time, the rest goes to profit, and the bad kind. It cost them less than a half a percent hand spank for their nefarious business practices.

          • bearing

            If Pharma produces a smaller margin, investors will just go invest in some different business that offers a bigger margin. Industries compete for investors.

          • epollyon

            Healthcare is hyperinflated, no doubt, but the reasons why are more complex than “drug companies charge too much”

          • lwilson

            Branden: your facts are just wrong. According to its SEC reports, Pfizer spent 7.8 Billion on research and development and 16.6 Billion on selling and administrative expenses. That is nowhere near 19 times.

            That fact is that while the profit numbers for pharmaceutical companies are large, there is a tremendous amount of investment required to bring a drug to market. The return on investment for the large pharma companies is not larger than other other industries, particularly considering the risks and time frame involved.
            Below you suggest Pfizer should just make less money. If they do, then investors will just invest less money in pharmaceuticals and fewer new drugs will be developed. I can’t understand why you would advocate for that.

          • Cynthia LeBuda

            Being that Diabetes 1 is a calorie and iron burning problem, I never could understand why it was called the Low blood sugar disease anyway. Why would doctors ever give Diabetes 1 and 2 the same medication?? I’ve had Diabetes 1 since I was a very small child, I lived on milk and prune juice until I was able to read, and make sure that I was getting the nutrients and calories that I need myself.. INSULIN is a BIG SELLER and I think they just try to pump it in to as many people as they can. Pharmaceutical Companies will use any excuse to use us ALL as guinea pigs. A Doctor told me if I didn’t make sure that I ate all the things I need to, that I would be occasionally make trips to the doctors office for hemoglobin shots. Expensive and not fun, because it’s treatment, it’s something I really avoided. So I guess pharmaceutical companies thought they would try sell insulin to Diabetes 1 as well diabetes 2. If all Adults would know their calorie and nutritional needs, and take care of themselves accordingly, there wouldn’t any Diabetes at all…There would be Alcoholism either!!!:) Hooyah!!!! Next time you hear I don’t care between your ears, if you don’t relate, it’s probably people in lab coats and their stock holders. Instead of being the “love is a drug bandwagon” …why not save some organic food farms before this world is suffocated with GMO plastic foods.. GMT( Genetically Modify, or Manipulative Testing) was band back in 1970 something..So please stop you “love is a drug ..stock holder ass-kissing”, and focus on saving the planet.

          • CKC

            Step off the conspiracy theory soap box and read something about treatment and pathophys of DM – it’s clear your level of understanding of the disease is poor.

          • Dawn

            Amen! Type 1 is NOT a lifestyle disease!

          • GarBox

            You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Type 1 and 2 are two very different diseases. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease meaning you have no insulin, so if you don’t give it to yourself – you’ll die. It doesn’t matter what you eat. Get the facts right before preaching.

          • rancid

            Most ill-informed comment I’ve read yet. You are completely wrong for someone that has type-1 diabetes.

          • Daniel John Armas Walton

            Do you even know what Type 1 Diabetes is? I’ve had it since 2009. And you need to watch the Carbohyrdate count, not the Calorie count.

          • wr

            What the fuck are you smoking?

          • Ellen P Collingsworth

            Well, let’s ALL quit our jobs, stop doing anything and just invest, since the investors are the all powerful gods in this country and everyone else is worthless and should just be kissing their asses. Where do you get off having this mindset? This idea is the reason the wealth of this country is being hollowed out. Corporations only operate to keep the investors happy. Investors are not in anything for the long haul anymore. It puts the company and all of its employees into an unequal, abusive relationship of sorts. Every quarter CEO’s are left doing any terrible, unethical, thing they can think of to post a profit at the cost of earned raises, quality benefits and jobs.
            Investing benefits the INVESTOR, let’s not forget that. Let’s stop all writhing and squirming and battling to get their dicks in our mouths and realize that the main beneficiary of investing is the investor. They don’t need the kinds of profits that are being posted because those profits are at the cost of the American Dream. Look at the historical balance of the finite resource of wealth. When the MOST innovation, growth and prosperity happens is when the distribution of income is in the range of 42:1-80:1 between the top and bottom of employed people. During those times America flourished. Right now we are at a 400:1 difference and we are poor. Our income distribution looks more like India or Mexico and neither of those places are know for prosperity and innovation. People need to be able to afford to buy the products companies make. ANd individuals need to be able to self-invest in their own dreams and ideas. Right now, that is not the case. And I’m not talking about welfare people, poor people, lazy people I’m talking about hard working people. People with college educations and experience who are barely scraping by on 35K a year and being constantly squeezed from all ends, barely getting their 3% per year. Meanwhile the CEO is making half a million bucks and has not much more education than many of the employees and the investors are rolling in their profits oblivious to how much their middle class workforce struggles and how hard it is for them to get ahead because rather than saving, their extra money goes towards paying interest on the loans they have to take out for everything. And who gets that interest? The same investors who pressured the CEO into not giving raises or bonuses this year.

          • Harvey Cronan

            that’s the whole problem rite there in that statement. it should be about healing not making a profit something was lost over the years , doctors used to diagnose and heal, not prescribe drugs for pharma companies. dosent anyone else see this, why have we accepted it as normal?

          • Jenelle Anderson

            Pharmacy school dropout here. Profitability was course #1, forty years ago. That mentality has been brewing for 40 years.

          • Franck J.

            Precisely Harvey. We don’t fund the military expecting to make a profit out of that investment. It’s a service that keep people safe. Why not heathcare? You’ll be killed by a heart attack or a stroke, not by a terrorist.

          • lewr2

            Yes, I’m sure you work for nothing too right? lol maybe you don’t purchase a new car? Ever turned a house for a profit? Ever taken profits from a house and invested it into the house or used it for other reasons like vacations? Dang… it sure is nice to spout this stuff when others aren’t willing to back up their side.

          • Robbie Pack

            Are you comparing a job, a car, a house, and a vacation to a human life? I’m not sure you should be a part of this conversation…

          • lewr2

            I’m not sure you understand. If you think someone else should have their paychecks throttled for one thing, then why not yours? Where does it end? There are plenty of jobs say like nurses. Maybe they should get their paychecks cut? Maybe the ambulance drivers too? How about the people who build houses that protect people from bad weather?

            An entirely other way to look at it might be this. Since doctor’s are supposed to sustain life, maybe doctors who commit abortions should loose their jobs? What about a doctor who kills someone which happens over 100K times per year? Do you doc their pay? Pardon the pun?

            I’d say the President should doc his pay as well. He’s certainly not worth a doctor’s pay is he?

          • Franck J.

            That’s precisely the problem, that doesn’t have to be a business. Militray is not a business and still get funded. Security, affordable care, clean air to breath, education, those are examples of what should be a human rights not a “business”.

          • lewr2

            Ah… the MILITARY is a PUBLIC, GOVERNMENT entity. Seems like there’s a big difference. What business are you employed by Franck?

          • Robbie Pack

            Sir…clearly Frank agrees with you (he wouldn’t be talking about an alternative), I’m not sure you understand what he said…

          • Alan Batterman

            HEALTH CARE should also be a PUBLIC GOVERNMENT entity.


            Heath care and capitalism go together like a spark-spitting shorted out light switch and a leaky jerry can full of gasoline.

            No one should get rich off human misery.

            Unlike other necessities, one person’s need for health care can be far more than another. One person may need only $200 worth in a year, another over $200,000.

            Private health insurance companies are parasites. They juggle money, keeping much too much for themselves, and cure nothing. They make their bloated profits by denying coverage. “Pre-existing condition” “experimental treatment” and myriad other excuses. And drop coverage when someone gets sick. And the linkage between health insurance and employment.

          • vbscript2

            Most U.S. private health insurance companies have profit margins in the low single digits and somewhere between most and all of that comes from the interest earned on their reserve funds (e.g. the funds they save to pay out claims.)

          • Franck J.

            Shouldn’t make a profit, shouldn’t be a business, we’ll all need healthcare at some point. US healthcare is twice more expensive than anywhere else in the world for services as good if not worst. That’s the equation.

          • lewr2

            Yes, it sure should! LOL

            Do you mean the 60-400% increase in ObamaUnCare? LOL

            Or, the non-fraud, waste and abuse in say… military, IRS, Fed, EPA, NEA, BLM, State Department, etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc… LOL

            If we don’t spend it, we loose it mentality. That will surely go over well with ObamaUnCare huh? LOL

            1. Nobody said anyone should die.

            2. Nobody said healthcare shouldn’t be available to everyone

            3. Healthcare and capitalism go together like water and ice cubes. In fact, the truth is that more people die in those great bastions of anti-capitalistic pig / communism/socialst countries because of health problems than do in this capitalistic pig nation by far.

            4. Private insurance companies are not my friend. However, they have lots of making up to do by people who defaud, waste and abuse the systems of:

            Social InSecurity – born or oh.. maybe even dead people collecting checks?

            Welfare whether corporate or individual! 🙂

            If nobody should get rich off of misery, there are thousands of jobs related to misery that you should want to doc pay to as well. One might be say.. the EPA. They love to make people miserable. How about the IRS?

            Att. General’s Office?

            By the way… what is it that you do again?

          • Alan Batterman

            I am disabled, 62, and can no longer work. Your fault. I am sure the pollution that you frigging laissez-faire capitalists pumped into the environment caused it.
            You are full of shit. In the countries that have a national health care system, which is most of the industrialized world, including socialist countries in Scandinavia, people have much better health care than this country.
            There is fraud and abuse in every system known to man. Corporations evade more in taxes than the cost of the entire welfare system.
            GO TO HELL.

          • lewr2

            I pump very little pollution into the air. I live 10 miles from my house, don’t drive a whole lot, walk and run, eat well, normally have my own garden, or have it from a CSA, and been recycling way before it was cool, so I do not support pollution. I don’t litter, turn off lights most of the time and try not to keep machines on when they’re not needed. Amongst other things.

            However, you didn’t answer the underlying issues. You got mad because of your disability as if I had something to do with it, or wanted to take you off of disability. Neither of which is what I want to do.

            That’s called ad hom attacking.

            Those countries you think are so good, aren’t as good as you think. Many of them are cutting back services. Ask them. Some of those also have higher suicide rates than we do, which is pretty scary. Why would that be? The healthcare systems are so good, they get free this and that, yet…

            Yes, there is fraud in every system known to mankind. However, giving an already highly corrupt system another 30+% of GDP is not a smart idea.

            I won’t be going there, and I hope you don’t either.

          • Alan Batterman

            You support the RepubliKKKan CONservatives. You oppose the EPA, want to allow corporations to pump all the shit they want into the environment. From the agencies you oppose, you are clearly anti-environment. It is not just you as an individual, but all of those with your point of view that contaminate the planet and contributed to my disability.

            CAPITALIST HEALTH CAR SUCKS DEAD RATS. Anyone who disagrees with me on that can go straight to Hell. Who knows how many people have died when the choice is health care or paying for rent and food. I can’t go to those countries because they have strict immigration policies.

            Those countries are farther North than the USA. Suicide rates increase the farther from the Equator you get. Has to do with the wide variation of daylight hours in the seasons.

          • Guest

            I’m sorry Mr. Batterman, it really sucks that you are “disabled”. Think about this though. I will make it very simple because you seem like you are not well educated. You don’t even look American in your picture. Is it fake? Are you scared?
            *How is progress made?* Think about the United States of America and how it grew? You don’t work anymore. You stated you are disabled, correct? If you worked 30-35 years doing anything I’d say you deserve healthcare. But you didn’t. Be honest. You probably… if I had to guess r/t your sore democratic cries, couldn’t hold a job and always blamed someone else. That is worthless to the country. We need janitors, we need bus drivers, we need CEO’s we need everyone to do something. You are making comments on here and you don’t even work. Get a job, shut your mouth, pay taxes so you worthless other democratic friends can eat and have iphones, and shut the fuck up. Just work, get old, get sick and die. No one owes you anything. You are a weak cranky, pathetic soul, if you hate our healthcare system so bad then get out. hard working people love it, you shouldn’t be allowed to talk in this country if you don’t have a job because you are worthless to the country. Pay taxes, let the rich be rich and the poor be poor. We need the balance. The way its going with dumbass Obama is giving more to the poor, they work less, the middle and upper class pay more, the poor get spoon fed everything and one day it will break and I hope everyone without a job dies a horrible death.

          • Alan Batterman

            I graduated college and have an IQ of 4 sigma above average, far higher than yours, you stinking rightwing redneck. I am American, you stupid asshole, born in NY City. I did work many years, sometimes over 80 hours a week, and never collected welfare. You want extreme income inequality, you son of a whore. Middle class pay has stagnated, while the rich get obscenely richer. The health care system here sucks, but I can’t get out; other countries have strict immigration laws and I am too old to emmigrate anyhow. And you are a frigging liar if you think hard working people love it. And how dare a POS like you say who should be allowed to talk. The rich pay less in taxes thanks to your devil-god Dumb-ya Bush-league. I hate you like poison, hate as black as sooty coal. I hope you get the worst possible disease, suffer years of unbearable pain, die in excruciating agony, and burn forever in the worst part of Hell. Don’t bother responding. I will ignore anything else you say just like I would ignore a rat squeaking..

          • lewr2

            Normally people with high iq’s don’t use such derogatory language. Even all the NYer’s I’ve known over the years.

          • Alan Batterman

            I thought I heard a rat squeaking. Look at your comment to which mine was a reply. You give derogatory language, you get back derogatory language.

          • lewr2

            show the derogatory words

          • Alan Batterman

            you seem like you are not well educated. You don’t even look American in your picture. Is it fake? Are you scared?

            You don’t work anymore. You stated you are disabled, correct? If you worked 30-35 years doing anything I’d say you deserve healthcare. But you didn’t. Be honest. You probably… if I had to guess r/t your sore democratic cries, couldn’t hold a job and always blamed someone else. That is worthless to the country.

            et a job, shut your mouth, pay taxes so you worthless other democratic friends can eat and have iphones, and shut the fuck up. Just work, get old, get sick and die. No one owes you anything. You are a weak cranky, pathetic soul, if you hate our healthcare system so bad then get out. hard working people love it, you shouldn’t be allowed to talk in this country if you don’t have a job because you are worthless to the country

            and I hope everyone without a job dies a horrible death.

            Those are your derogatory words.

          • lewr2

            Alan… I was hoping to have a conversation with a person who was somewhat lucid. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. You didn’t answer a question, but again ad hom attacks.

            Invoking the KKK into this conversation shows your level of infancy.

            I believe the person who hopes for people to go straight to hell…. aren’t very nice. I suspect that you as a loving, tolerant Socialist would hope that everyone would go to heaven.

            At least that’s my hope.

            Lastly, your point about your INABILITY to go to other countries, shows how good this capitalist pig society actually is!

            Hopefully you’ll figure that out before it’s too late.

          • Alan Batterman

            Now it doesn’t, you stupid bastard. Countries like Denmark have little land area and thus cannot absorb immigrants. And, at my age, emigration would be very difficult. CONservatives are not human, and so I wish them nothing but a horrible disease, much pain, an agonizing death, and eternity in Hell. Don’t bother to respond. Anything further from you will be ignored like the squeaking of a rat.

          • lewr2

            Sir, do you kiss your wife with your mouth?
            Did I call you names?

            You make a LOT of excuses for why you can’t do this and that. You could go to Iceland… there’s plenty of ‘land’ there. You could go to Germany, England, Switzerland, or even the fools gold… Cuba and Venezula.

            They have FREE healthcare paid for by FREE taxes!

          • Alan Batterman

            I am not married; never came within a gigaparsec of getting married. Countries are not looking to take in all the old and disabled people from around the world. The United States has more than 4 times the land as the 6 countries you mention combined. Because of the wide disparity of health care needs, it should be leveled out by a health tax which would be like Social Security.

          • lewr2

            How about kissing your mother then?

            Tell that to Israel who accepts people with a land mass a ‘gigarspec’ of any of those liberal, progressive, socialst anti-capitalistic pig nations.

          • Alan Batterman

            Oh, how many disabled, elderly Gentiles does Israel accept? My mother died Sunday, May 29, 1977.

          • lewr2

            Sorry to hear that. So, who Is that you in the picture then?

            Do a search on citizenship in Israel and then go to their website and read the requirements.

          • Alan Batterman

            The person in the picture with me is Peggy Ann Bradnick.

            I am sure that Israel does not take in non-Jews who are elderly or disabled. The Law of Return refers only to Jews.

            A gigaparsec is about 3 billion light years. Giga is the metric prefix for billionfold. A parsec, which comes from PARallax of one SECond, is about 3 light years. A gigaparsec is the longest distance in the Universe that can be expressed in one word.

          • Novus Ordo

            The suicide rate in the U.S. is higher than that in the U.K., Sweden, and Norway. The life expectancy in the U.K., Sweden, and Norway is higher than that in the U.S. In fact, the U.S. lags its counterparts in practically every public health outcome. Moreover, the amount of spending on health care per capita in countries such as Sweden is much less than it is in the U.S. Which explains in part why the U.S. has one of the highest government debt loads of any Western nation (as share of GDP).

            Unbeknownst to many Americans, the health systems in most European countries have evolved to include a mix of public and private features. They are not perfect and wait times tend to be much longer, but they work remarkably well. Most importantly they don’t exclude large segments of their populations from access to decent and affordable health care like the U.S. does.

          • Rory O’Flaherty

            Healthcare and capitalism don’t have to go together in the way you have it in the states. In the UK healthcare is free to everyone through their taxes. We don’t mind caring for other people too through our pay because we aren’t selfish like that. We understand that everybody, be they employed or not, can one day get sick and need help.

          • lewr2


            1. I hear many on that side of the pond with the exact opposite story.

            2. Nobody here doesn’t get healthcare. Even those w/o ‘insurance’ get helped at the hospital.

            3. I understand there are many from your country, Canada and other great countries that come HERE for surgery…

            4. If it comes from TAXES… it’s NOT free! lol

            I remember the schools saying that high schoolers couldn’t graduate from school unless they “VOLUNTEERED” for 50 hours.

            Volunteer – Mandatory for graduation

            Seems like George Orwellian DOUBLESPEAK

            I wonder why that would be?

          • Alan Batterman

            Very few schools have mandatory community service as a requirement for graduation. Rich bastards come to the US for surgery to jump the line and that is, obviously, not emergency life-saving surgery. Bullshit, people are turned down for health care if they don’t have either money or insurance.

          • lewr2

            Again, you show your intelligence by using derogatory words.

            Schools and Volunteering




            All those people in the last 3 links are from different areas. Notice how many have the voluntary mandatory requirements.

            For a man with such a high IQ, I’m finding it hard to believe you could research this on your own quickly.

            The 2nd link SPECIFICALLY STATES THAT 83% of US schools have the requirement.

            So, how many is ‘very few’ compared to 83%?

            They come here because they can’t get the services in a timely fashion. They don’t want to wait on a surgery that if not performed, kills them. They’re SMART people.

            Your lack of research is stunning Alan.

          • Alan Batterman

            They did not have such requirements back when I went to school. I don’t have time to conduct a research project on every comment made. It seems like a liberal idea at first glance, but it is actually a way for municipalities to get rid of union labor and replace it with slave labor. It can be bypassed by home schooling, private school, or GED.

            Bullshit, emergency surgery is performed in Canada and Europe in a timely manner. Some rich c***suckers want to jump the line for elective surgery.

          • lewr2

            Then you shouldn’t have said one word about it. I’m not sure how you couldn’t have researched that particular position. It takes approximately 30 seconds to type into the search engine and 5 minutes to read. If you’re disabled, you have that much time.

            Dude… don’t argue with me about surgeries. Argue with the people who come here to have them. You still show a lack of intelligence with your word choice.

          • Alan Batterman

            I speak from my own experience. When I went to school, there was no such thing as mandatory community service.

            Use logic. If someone has a heart attack, severe head injury, or other life threatening condition that requires immediate attention, they would not have time to travel to another country. Rich c***suckers should not be able to jump the line for elective surgery. You are the idiot. All conservatives and capitalists are idiots and should drop dead and go to Hell.

          • lewr2

            Use logic… you don’t have to worry about those surgeries here either.

            People come here for surgery some reason. Canadians come across the border and go to Michigan hospitals all the time. I’m sure you watch tv. If you do, I’m sure you’ve seen those reports done by MSNBC, ABC, CBS and other news outlets.

            Man.. you are one nasty dude. You should go see a shrink. I mean that. Or maybe go to church.

          • Alan Batterman

            The rich come here to jump the line for elective surgery. I get my news on the radio. That is not a major news story. It is pure evil to have better health care for the rich.

            If anyone is insane, it is you. I am not Christian.

            CONservatives and laissez-faire capitalists bring out the worst in me.

          • Guest
          • Alan Batterman
          • Alan Batterman
          • Franck J.

            You’re a sad little man lewr2. I”go to church”? Maybe you should stop going. You don’t sound like a good christian. Anyways, nobody reads your crap. Go take a walk.

          • lewr2

            How’s that Frankie?

          • Rory O’Flaherty

            lewr2 (I hate quoting screennames, feels like I’m talking to a robot lol). Anyway, your points…

            1.British people complain about everything, it’s what we’re good at lol. We would complain that icecream is too cold whilst watching a documentary on starving children. So it doesn’t surprise me that people you may have spoken to fail to see a good thing when they have it.
            2. So by law they have to be treated? What if the hospital knows the guy/gal is broke and wont be paying it back, will they just do the bare minimum and kick them out?
            3. Come to the USA? Only the rich have that kind of money lol. In no way was I saying the good ol’ US of A doesn’t have amazing doctors and surgeons, hell it’s so damn big it’d be impossible for it not to. Loads more advancements are ones being made there, naturally, but those surgeries will eventually become more common here.
  , I know it’s not free, what I mean is those who can work pay it to support those who at the time can’t, be it through unemployment, disability/ill health etc. It’s under the idea that one day everyone has the chance they will be in a desperate situation with no money to pay for these things. I mean, hell, you don’t even pay for prescriptions here, and the taxes we pay aren’t even that much. If I was in the USA i’d be constantly terrified of getting sick, worrying that then the premiums would go up and up. We don’t have that worry here. Which for me, works better. (I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety for over ten years now, if we didn’t have free psychs to go to, i’d probably be broke lol). I like having a government funded and organised health service, I guess I like the idea that it’s all accountable under one body. I don’t like to think of my healthcare being treated as a business and a way for a medical insurance company to extort money from me or charge me lots of fees…

          • lewr2

            Then stop bitching I suppose huh?! LOL

            I ran my long run today of 7 miles. On that run, I passed a hopsital and doctor’s office that takes people without insurance. It’s that easy Rory…

            They TAKE people and SERVE people WITHOUT insurance. I have read 3-5 articles in the past 3 weeks about doctor’s who are NOT taking insurance and that is because insurance costs TOO MUCH!

            These doctors live in OTHER parts of either my state or other states. They charge insanely small amounts of money for people for even a HOUSE visit.

            Get off the horse, and think outside the box… Actually, the OLD box!

          • Rory O’Flaherty

            I guess we just disagree on this. I just like the idea of paying the little amount i always pay and that not going drastically up whether i use the system or not. I like thinking that it will be free for others who can’t afford it had they to pay for it. The idea of being unemployed, without insurance, and not being able to pay the doctors back, it just scares me. I’m glad there are hospitals there that don’t rely on insurance and accept small charges of cash instead, I can only hope that there are many more of them out there. Well, wishing you the best of health anyway for the future.

          • lewr2

            So, now that we can agree that people ARE taken care of FREELY if they don’t have insurance, you want to run to another red herring.

            By the way Rory… I come from the mindset that if you take care of yourself, you NORMALLY don’t get sick. And, because one takes care of self, you shouldn’t have to pay for people who do not. That’s YOUR responsibility and not someone else.

            In medical terms that’s called being an ENABLER. It is also called being for a good majority (since the US has an obesity rate of approx. 60%) lazy and foolish with your body, heart, soul and mind.

            ENABLING that isn’t good. It’s sorta like ENABLING say hooliganism over the pond. People die because it’s done.

          • Rory O’Flaherty

            Hooliganism actually isn’t as big a problem as the British stereotype makes it out to be. lol. I’d take my chances with a hooligan over any US gang warfare..simply due to the gun factor lol. As much as I get what you’re saying, I don’t think giving free emergency and non emergency health care is in any way enabling people to eat unhealthily, not exercise, or live unhealthy lifestyles. That is down to advertising and the excessive consumption culture over there. We’re so pale over here we all already look ill, so maybe that’s why we care for everybody so much, regardless of income or health status.

          • lewr2

            I can agree on a couple of points here Rory… we do have a bad gang culture, of which it is being enabled on a few parts. I suppose as some have suggested, we should open all drugs up for consumption and let the chips fall where they may. The only problem with that, is that they’ll end up costing more money for all the legal taxpayers who are having really hard time making ends meet now.

            I do think on part of the hooliganism has slowed, but I think you’re going to see violence on a larger scale than our gang warfare. I hope not, but…..

            I do not mean this as a slight, but I work pretty closely on these issues on a couple of fronts and by and large, people get a way with what they can. We have 11M on disability, 50M+ on other govt. programs. Free lunch, free this and free that. Our debt is 16T and counting and that’s not accounting for the hidden debt nobody wants to talk about.

            The disability ‘fund’ is broke in two years, yet we continue to add ‘disabled’ people to the ranks.

            News channels do segments (occassionaly) on the ‘disabled’ who are on top of their roofs shingling, dancing up a storm, playing softball, basketball, and all sorts of other things they’re not supposed to be doing since they’re ‘disabled’.

            I’m also familiar with it on a non-profit basis and see the level of non-desire people have for finding jobs and such. The vast majority are also ‘collecting’ welfare and other bennies because they’re ‘disabled’. They go on welfare, ‘disability’, SSI, Food stamps, and other programs.

            I personally know a good number of ‘aquiantances’ who are running the system as well with all the same bennies. Three children from 3 different men, nobody paying child support who SHOULD, yet… taxpayers paying for ALL services.

            It’s a boondoggle my friend and it is in your nation as well.

          • Franck J.

            You’ve been brain washed my friend

          • ShannonA

            Yep. I’m just replying on your comment because it was a good comment and I got this far on the thread before I had to say something. I’m in total agreement. 🙂

            I am from Toronto, Canada, and have lived in the States for (gulp!) 36 years. I naturalized in 2012.

            My family in Ontario all have GREAT healthcare. My mother had recurrent bouts of Hodgkins and NEVERTHELESS was able to own a home. You have cancer here in the States for 30 years, off and on, and you own NOTHING. You probably die in the street after the FIRST bout, too, because the insurance cartels blacklist you for “preexisting condition” and you can’t get affordable care of ANY KIND. And don’t be fooled: Emergency Rooms in the US do NOT provide cancer therapy. You CANNOT go to an Emergency Room for chronic care or treatment of disease. Just, you know, EMERGENCIES.

            NOW, on to the gullible Americans thinking taxes paying for single-payer costs more. This is rubbish propaganda from the insurance racket. It’s not hard to do the math. Figure a 15% VAT, for example, and then calculate what you pay for premiums annually AND ADD IN the portion your employer pays, AND ADD IN the annual DEDUCTIBLE AND all the weaselly co-pays and “co-insurance” (whatever the hell that BS is), and add in EVERY SINGLE prescription your insurance company interferes with your doctor on filling and every procedure they “deny” that you end up paying for yourself out-of-pocket. Because insurance cartels interfere with doctors’ preference ALL THE TIME. Then compare the real costs.

            Then, OBVIOUSLY, if you do not work at a company that provides (at least a PORTION of) a plan, you are screwed, period. And since many employers in the current market, which is dead-set on destroying our middle class, intentionally hire people for less than qualifying hours, MANY people are unable to access care AT ALL.

            On to the issue of small business: I own one in Los Angeles. Have been in business since 2005. We pay exorbitant premiums to Blue XXX of over 1K/month for TWO EMPLOYEES, plus if anyone actually GOES to the doctor, there are co-pays AND an annual deductible PER-PERSON of $2500. ADD THAT UP. in 2012, MY small business saved over 12K due to Obamacare. EVERYONE telling you it’s more expensive is full of crap. The new laws require the insurance racket to REFUND money to the insured that they didn’t spend on CARE, while keeping a very reasonable 2% for company overhead. I loved getting that money back, and I am going to love it this year when I get MORE back. And now they can’t leave you to DIE because you have T1D or cancer or MS. Now they have to do the job you pay them for!

            I’m just saying, do some actual research before believing the insurance companies’ terror-based propaganda. And while I’m typing, let me toss out the story of my software engineer friend in the UK who was diagnosed and treated and cured of throat cancer all within about a year. He’s a wonderful human being, and thankfully made a big deal out of educating his American friends when he was going through the process.


          • neallehman

            No offense intended, but I lived in the UK for five years and found the healthcare system there inferior to the care we receive in this country. The UK system is founded on taxes, as you say, but the taxes that support the system are taxes from North Sea oil production. Without that, individual taxes would have to rise to a level that the average man would not tolerate.

          • Rory O’Flaherty

            North sea oil? There’s hardly any left lol. Are you talking about Business Tax? Business tax is much lower than the total Income Tax in the UK…Of course if you’re paying privately ie through health insurance you’ll want and get the best treatment, same as you would if you used BUPA in the uk.

            The Queen was visiting one of London’s
            top hospitals and she
            specified she wanted to see absolutely
            everything. During her tour of the
            floors she passed a room where a male
            patient was jerking off.
            “Oh my”, said the Queen, “that’s disgraceful, what is the meaning of this?”
            The Doctor leading the tour explains;
            “I am sorry your Majesty, but this man
            has a very serious medical
            condition and is only following doctors
            orders. His body produces too much
            semen and his testicles keep overfilling.
            Until we can find out exactly
            what is causing this problem he’s been
            instructed to do that at least 5
            times a day or there is a danger that
            his testicles will explode, and he
            would die instantly”.

            “Oh, I am sorry”, said the Queen.

            On the next floor they passed a room
            where a sexy young nurse was giving
            a patient a blow-job “Oh my”, said the Queen,
            “What’s happening in there?” the Doctor replied,
            “Same problem, but he’s with BUPA”.

          • Franck J.

            You should try travelling and see the world, get out of your redneck town, stop watching fox news or listening to Sean Hannity, going to church every wednesday (what a nice way to waste your time), stop opposing the scientists and start listening to them, evolve.

          • lewr2

            That’s mouth.. insert your foot syndrome on your part Frankie. You might not want to assume something you have ABSOLUTELY no idea of my friend.

          • lewr2

            Alan… what is your job?

          • Christie Liggins

            I find it disturbing though that the powers that be in this country have taken the time and money to figure out how to make a man a woman and vice versa, but we still have people suffering everyday from diseases such as diabetes, cancer, degenerative diseases, etc.!!!! Call me crazy, but I think it is more important to spend the funds in trying to find a cure to these terrible diseases than to change someone’s sex!

          • David

            That’s an absolutely false premise. At no point did anyone choose between refining hormone therapy (which was invented to help menopausal women and men with war injuries) and curing chronic diseases. I’m sorry you don’t approve of the former? But your disapproval doesn’t actually make that a thing that happened: that’s now how research works, nor funding, nor science.

          • wrmcnich

            Recoup ALL their investments and also make a “healthy” profit? B.S. Few industries make all their investments pay for themselves. Few rake in the profit averages that Pharma does. It is patently untrue that profit stops when generics enter the market – its all gravy. They spend an inordinate amount of money on advertising, they bribe doctors, politicians and generic makers. Get REAL. Pity Pharma? What a sick joke (pun intended).

          • lTylerDurden

            You realize that drug companies only spend about 16% of their revenue on research and the most of the rest goes to marketing, right?

          • Pamela M. Kato

            Kurt, do you have any research references on the proportion of drugs tested in RCTs that fail???? I find that interesting.

          • GW

            A very heathy profit. Pharma shouldn’t be traded publicly. We need to make health care non-profit and get CEO salaries down to a reasonable level. The points you make are real, Khurt, but Big Pharma is corrupt.

          • Anon. to protect scientists

            And curing the disease will put them out – good reason not to.

          • Mike Arienti

            Big Pharma is a multibillion dollar industry, and they make a huge profit telling us “this will cost millions” when, in reality, it would cost 4000% less if people weren’t so fuckin’ greedy.

          • Karen

            This is no reason to keep a cure from so very many people affected with this disease.

          • Ben Brucato

            This is a problem unique to the US, and all trends point to it exacerbating rather than improving. A colleague of mine, Dr. Edward Woodhouse, suggested a radical and appropriate fix: absolutely eliminate the FDA and simply turn to Germany and Japan (since they are superior, anyway) to follow their lead on drug approvals and research. I have another: eliminate intellectual property protections on any matter that is health-related.

          • vbscript2

            Eliminating intellectual property protections on any matter that is health related will result in eliminating most of the research into anything that is health related… just like it does in every other industry.

          • Jennifer Minchow Guilford

            Most of us would be ok with that actually

          • Jennifer Jordan Justice

            My brother-in-law has been up for the Nobel Prize in Medicine many times(cancer) and my sister is an attorney. They know the story. I believe the costs could be reduced! D-56years

          • macdaddy357

            Taxpayer funded research, then for profit sales. The taxpayers who aren’t rich can eat cake. Big pharma can die in a fire.

          • Christy

            You do realize the number of children plagued with this disease right? A business does not need to make billions of dollars to stay in business either. Owners, CEO, COO, CFO’s do not need to live in mult million dollar homes while children fight to stay alive. You do realize the number of children fighting everyday to stay alive from a multitude of diseases right? Right?

          • rc

            Right……..but the salaries you Pharma. reps make are ridiculously outrageous.

          • Barbara Solomon

            No, some people think that businesses should invest millions in a drug and hand it out for free. Pharma hasn’t found a cure for those people yet.

          • wesmorgan1

            Nice try – but if you go look at Big Pharma’s annual reports, they spend FAR more on marketing and promotion than they spend on drug R&D. There’s “profit,” there’s “healthy profit,” and then there’s “obscene profit.”

            Simple first step to a fix – let Medicare negotiate drug prices. There’s no defensible reason for my US mom to pay drug prices 15x higher than those charged for the same drugs in Europe.

          • Adam Armstrong

            Then some other corp researches it to steal the business form the corp which won’t. I’d guess that a diabetes cure would be a pretty good seller. Hersey’s could develop it as a loss leader!

          • shannon

            There’s a big difference between finding the cause of something and having the cure for it. People read these watered down articles and when they don’t see an immediate drug or cure start inventing conspiracy theories. Even if they formulate a drug that works tomorrow, it would be years before it hit the shelf until clinical trials have been done, safety and efficacy has been proven, and the FDA has Ok’d it.

            These giant companies need to make money to fund future projects. And, you know, pay for their employees. If they’re not making money, you can kiss more jobs goodbye as they get moved over to China.

            And if money is really all it’s about, wouldn’t the first company to develop this cure and hold exclusive patent rights be making lots of it? So what good would withholding it do when you leave the market open to competitors.

          • Jacquie D

            There is no profit in the cure. Not in the short term and certainly not in the long term. Not for companies with a significant portion of their pipeline in diabetes “treatment.”

            It bothers me tremendously that these conversations…indeed, these arguments…don’t happen more frequently. I am supremely uncomfortable when Big Pharma lumbers around waxing philanthropic. It’s too insincere to tolerate.

          • epollyon

            Thanks for your two cents. There is money in a cure because there is 0 supply. I’m no economist but I believe that if a company, big or small, brings a cure to market, they will set the price to as high as they can. Also, I am a published diabetes researcher, a med student, and a type 1 diabetic. 😛

          • epollyon

            I agree with you, but patent sinking is a thing. Companies patent stuff so other companies can’t bring it to market. However, if the research community develops a cure, then they hold the rights to patent their discovery post-publication. Insulin was synthesized in that way. Lilly payed out researchers who sued after their work had been brought to market by Lilly. Anyway, there are too many internet weirdos contributing to this discussion. I worked in diabetes research for 3 years and am currently in med school. The people I worked with are very wealthy due to their work on insulin years ago….

          • shannon

            Oh I agree, and it’s not to say that the industry is completely clean. I just know far too many people– good people and good scientists– who work in the industry who are passionate about finding cures. But someone has to rein in the spending before they go out of business. I’ve worked in cancer research in academia but got frustrated at how little of the bench work was translated into actual treatments. This prompted me to move over to industry where I feel like we are making a difference in patients’ lives (granted it’s medical device and the goal for most of our products to only be needed once). I feel like there’s a disconnect between what happens in the scientific communities and how the general public is informed– I don’t exactly blame people for reading these articles that make it sound like a cure is imminent and then get upset when they don’t see one. I can’t tell you how many times people would tell me when they found out I was in cancer research that “oh the cure exists but the government is hiding it”, and that’s when I just have to shake my head and walk away. Anyway, best of luck in med school, and I hope you’ll be able to say you were a FORMER type 1 diabetic.

          • awesomerobot

            They would make billions more on a curative treatment. Pharma conspiracists are a bit loony.

        • Dorothy Braker

          We aren’t paranoid. We are just long-timers who have seen how the industry “works”.

        • Jena Powell

          I am definitely NOT paranoid. I am, however, a realist when it comes to big business. They will do anything to make as much money as possible. We now have to get our elderly poodle’s dementia meds from Canada, because the company was bought out, and they are withholding the drug for no apparent reason. Our vet says it is because they plan to come out with an even more expensive drug to replace it. This very effective drug is also a drug that humans with Parkinsons use. Yep, nothing but great humanitarians in the drug biz.

          • nullhogarth

            Wait a second – your poodle has dementia meds? You’re pulling our legs, right?

          • lewr2

            I’m sure she’s not unfortunately.

        • Brian White

          The denial in this country are getting out of hand.

          • Myname

            Not sure if any of you have heard of Dr Faustman and her discovery, but this quote came from her, in an article of last year. “Faustman and her colleagues at Massachusetts General in Boston are working to get the vaccine to market. After their early findings in studies with mice, she said they tried to interest every major drugmaker in developing the vaccine as a possible cure for diabetes. All told her there wasn’t enough money to be made in a cure that used an inexpensive, generically available vaccine, Faustman said.” A cure will never be allowed. Billions and Billions of dollars will be lost.

          • Jenelle Anderson

            Faustman has reversed the advanced stage diabetes in 2001. Faustman’s find last year was met with skeptical regard:

          • Anon. to protect scientists

            Faustman’s discoveries have never held water. She’s not a serious scientist and no serious scientist values her research because it is significantly flawed.

          • Jacquie D

            Dr. Faustman is awesome. I love her, her research, her optimism, and her continuous inclusion in her research of ADULTS with long-standing T1D. I love that the focus of her studies is an inexpensive generic which has interested the scientific community regarding its relevance to T1D since the 60s. I love that she is approachable and responsive and seems sincerely interested in the voices behind the condition she hopes to cure. Her science is flawed? I wish there were hundreds more scientists out there just as flawed as she.

        • nullhogarth

          I agree. First of all, this report is wrong – perhaps downright evil – in suggesting that a cure is imminent. Second, the notion that the pharmaceutical industry suppresses the research done at universities and hospitals is just nuts on its face.

          • lewr2

            Amen! Sorta like the report last week that they’ve got AIDS licked too.

        • Anon. to protect scientists

          This shows just how little you know about the companies involved in Type 1 research. Try being related to a scientist whose life dream is to cure the disease only to be driven out when they come close. It isn’t about paranoia. It’s about money

        • artfrankmiami

          I was sent to this page by Accu-Chek. That’s the #1 expense my family has over our child’s T1. They have been very helpful getting us on the lower cost program. So, though I kind of agree that some corporations want to hide cures because they would lose money.

        • Robbie Pack

          If one man could kill millions of Jew’s, while being respected by his family and much of his nation as a great man, then how can you be so naïve to deny the overwhelming evidence of corruption in the world you live in?!

    • Sajid Rafique

      May you be cured I hope Jim. You deserve this in this life .

    • Jacquie D

      Hello there. I had to write, because I’m a few weeks away from 43, and I was also diagnosed at age 12. What a pain in the ass this ride has been. I want off.

      • Paul Jacobelli

        I have a very good friend who was diagnosed as an adult. This story references children. Did the various news stories say anything about whether there was anything to be done for adult sufferers?

    • heather

      Me too, but I am going to be 42 in July. I have a pump and I am also amazed about how ignorant some people are as do what it does, as well as the misconceptions people have and lack of knowledge about the differeences between type I and II

    • Shriram Karpur

      Jim, If you want to heal 100% you need to start learning yoga and yogic science.

      This master has cure for all the diseases and disorders. But you will have to work on it. You cannot outsource your health to doctors and pharmacists.

  • Jeremy

    This article is not so clear on some of the facts. This will ONLY help Type 1 diabetics and will be just as helpful in treating adults as it will children. The research is being done at a children’s hospital and so focuses on children, but the findings could benefit Type 1 diabetics regardless of age of diagnosis or current age.

    • Michael McClure

      That’s precisely what I was thinking as I read through the article. Type 1 affects ‘adults’ as well as ‘children’, so if they are talking about Type 1, then it will work for children as well as adults who are afflicted. [T1D since Jan ’82]

      • Megan Bales

        I think the reason they said cure for children and not adults is because, after a period of time managing T1D, the attacks on your pancreas will most likely leave you insulin dependent, even if they stopped the T cell attacks they addressed as the cause. Without a fully functional pancreas, you would continue to need the assistance of the insulin to manage blood sugar levels. Now, what I don’t know is how quickly, if at all, a pancreas can repair the damage cause by diabetes… But since it can cause scarring, I’m going to guess that aspect of the cure is still being researched.

        • Michael Davis

          I’ve never heard anything about becoming dependent on artificial insulin before. Can you cite a study? Additionally, even if true, having even partial body support may help moderate swings in blood sugar levels and could still be very beneficial.

          Finally, I seem to recall some mice research that shows how islet cells can be encouraged to grow in places other than the pancreas and (IIRC) how stem cells can be convinced to turn into islet cells. If this is true then a cure for all ages might be possible

          • Megan Bales

            You are misunderstanding my use of the term dependent. Not dependent like a person can develop a dependency on narcotics or illicit drugs. Dependent as in you depend on insulin injections to manage your blood sugar because your pancreas does not produce enough (or any) insulin. There is a very large difference between the two.

            Secondly, and as I clearly stated before, I have no knowledge of the ability to repair pancreatic damage.

            Third, “partial body support” as you phrased it is not a cure. I agree that it could be beneficial, but it would not be a cure… Just an additional treatment. Nowhere in this article did I get the impression that adults would not be allowed to benefit from this breakthrough, only that they would probably not be able to be cured.

          • Bob

            I think you are incorrect. It would have to be a therapy to prevent the the attack by the t cells combined with beta cell transplants, which have already proven to be successful; hence the reference to without immunosupression therapies. Beta cell transplants have successfully reversed type I diabetes in test patients, however, they won’t last as the immune system just kills off the new cells as it did the original cells or with the use of immunosuppresion drugs which are even worse, so there is no point in doing the transplants until there was an explanation and a cessation to that action by the immune system.

            This is very exciting news for us type I folks, though it is still probably ten years away; and I am sure the meds to continually block the T cell attacks will be the thing we have to take forever in lieu of insulin ( so big pharma maintains a revenue stream), but as long as the side effects are minimal, this would be preferable to dealing with insulin.

          • Khürt L. Williams

            Every person living with T1 diabetes is insulin dependent. Stop taking the insulin and your are dead.


          • Michael Davis

            Khurt, yea, I know that, but I think you’re missing the point of the question. A “cure” for T1 means the body would start producing insulin again yet that comment in the article seemed to indicate that people who’ve had T1 for a while would STILL need to take insulin shots… that’s what I don’t understand.

        • Jeremy

          In some type 1 diabetics, there is a short period where it may be possible to stop the total destruction of the islet cells. I am hopeful that this research could help with that. However, that is not based on age, but rather how long they’ve had diabetes. Though it’s rare, some people do not develop type 1 until after the age of 20. In addition, type 1 diabetics of all ages could use this to benefit more greatly from pancreas transplants. This will be a possible benefit to ALL type 1 diabetics regardless of age. However the research is being done at a children’s hospital which quote some statistics regarding children with diabetes that this author has twisted around causing him to accidentally mislead his readers.

          • Stacy Nicholson

            I guess I am a rarity. I am a type one diabetic that was diagnosed at age 38, now I am 40. I was also diagnosed with several other autoimmune disease. I am not worried about me, I can take insulin the rest of my life and the other medications. I just hope that my kids do not experience this and if they do, there is a way to stop it.

          • Khürt L. Williams

            “Though it’s rare, some people do not develop type 1 until after the age of 20”

            How about 38? That’s when I got T1.

          • Robert Howard

            I was 35.

        • Candace

          Actually, studies from the Faustman lab dealing with the possibility of using TB vaccines to stop the autoimmune attack on your pancreas have shown that the pancreatic cells are actually more asleep than destroyed. If the autoimmune attack is stopped, they will begin producing insulin again. They could actually see an increase in c-peptide levels in adults that had type 1 diabetes for more than a decade. That gives far more hope for a more long-term treatment of type 1 diabetes that doesn’t involve simply switching from insulin to anti-rejection drugs.

      • Khürt L. Williams

        Approximately 85 percent of people living with T1D are adults, and 15 percent of people living with T1D are children.1

        • Jeremy

          Well that makes a lot of sense since those children with T1D grow up to be adults with T1D. Do you have statistics on age at diagnosis?

  • Dave Glasmann

    How can the insulin production industry allow this to happen? It would be a nice surprise to see a cure rather than continued treatment for a change.

    • constitutionalist

      Don’t be absurd. The pharmaceutical houses that make the insulins would
      welcome a cure. Their stockholders might not, because it would greatly
      diminish their sales, but the people in this industry are devoted to
      human health and well being. We are, however, still a LONG way from a
      preventive and even farther away from a cure.

      • Karen (KuJo) Turner

        “the people in this industry are devoted to
        human health and well being”….Since when? I’m sure that their are good people in the industry but the lies and coverups, the manipulations that go on in the name of the all mighty dollar are what affect consumers in the end.

      • Michele Garrison

        How come so many people missed the massive press release last year when a Drug company CEO came right out and said (paraphrased) “We do not have a responsibility to make sure our drugs are safe, that is the FDA’s job. Our ONLY responsibility is to our shareholders!

      • Dorothy Braker

        I have to disagree with you there, constitutionalist. I don’t think they have ever wanted a cure. So many cures have come so close and the research has been killed. I’ve been around the block too many times to feel anything other than, us Type I diabetics provide a very large paycheck for quite a lot of people and the people who find the cure, had better be faster than the industry at getting the news out there before it gets squashed and removed.

      • Robin

        I think you are out of touch with reality about the Pharmaceutical companies , they are in the business of selling drugs not curing illness , get real !

        • Robert4health

          Your so correct Robin. Follow the money. They don’t want a cure.

          • docmark

            Robert, I can’t tell if you believe the lies you are spreading or not. Read a reputable scientific journal and put away the conspiracy theories!

          • Tammy Attigui

            I think we can at least all agree that the general public has absolutely NO TRUST or FAITH in Western so-called Doctors, their bed-buddies (Pharmaceutical Companies) or our government!

          • lewr2

            What about the European companies who do likewise? Come on.

          • Michael Brevig

            What conspiracy? A friend of mine, a researcher, lost her job due her grants drying up. The main corporation funding the project didn’t see an ROI with the drug they were trying to produce.

            She was researching a rare form of cancer.

      • Jena Powell

        I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would love to sell you.

      • William Bragg

        What planet are you living on? The pharmaceutical houses don’t want a cure. All they care about are patented maintenance drugs and the amount of many they can make with them.

        • constitutionalist

          Dear folks: Facts.

          • There is NO cure for the vast majority of illnesses for which people take medications long term. This is the nature of life/biology.

          • The job of the pharmaceutical industry is to provide the most safe and effective medications to ameliorate these illnesses. To provide inferior medications or meds with a poor cost/benefit ratio or unacceptable side effects is NOT in their best interest.

          • With the rare exception of non-viral infections, medications do not, and can not, CURE the target illness. This is the nature of life/biology.

          • To say that the COMPANY is not interested in a cure is in a sense correct, because IT IS NOT THEIR MISSION.
          • If a cure for a given illness is possible, it will be found through basic research into the workings of the mammalian body and the biological nature and cause of the illness. Most of this research is carried out at medical schools, funded by national governments or private foundations, or large research institutions funded philanthropically.
          • Research of this nature is much more likely to find a treatment for a chronic illness or ultimately a preventive, than to find a cure. This is the nature of life/biology.

          • So when you say the pharmaceutical industry “doesn’t want a cure,” you are stating something that you can not know and can not support. It is in no way a valid criticism of an industry that has worked to the very great benefit of mankind over the past hundred years. Witness the $4 medication lists.

          • Renee M Therriault

            Such blind faith you have. And I’m sorry but you are mistaken. The biggest killers in the US- obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, cancer- are all largely preventable and sometimes reversible through lifestyle, as well as many chronic conditions like asthma, allergies, arthritis, osteoporosis, acid reflux ie. all the conditions we take drugs for. Studies have without a doubt concluded that heart disease is reversible through a vegan diet, but when have you seen it widely publicized that they found a cure, or heard a doctor recommend a drastic lifestyle change over drastic surgery or a medicated life?

          • constitutionalist

            Doing all you can to ameliorate chronic conditions by adopting proper nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, and so forth is essential, and certainly the most cost-effective approach. That is, however, off topic here. We are discussing the pharmaceutical industry.

            I agree that physicians too often forget the basics. If your physician is not helping you choose proper “lifestyle” and nutritional changes as the foundation upon which all other treatments are built, then you need to find another physician.

          • Seo Wook Kim

            Did you read the article?? This is NOT about type 2 this is about type 1 diabetes which is extremely different and NOT preventable.

            We really hate it when lazy uneducated people mix the two up. It is awesome to be a vegan but it will not stop you from getting type 1 or help you if you have it.

          • epollyon

            you’re right and put it in laymens terms, but the internet masses won’t see it that way. limbic system override, i would call it. a correction, however: big pharma does occasionally fund independent university research. How evil of them, right? NIH/NIDDK and NSF and JDRF and so many other organizations fund people like Doug Melton and Graeme Bell.

            For the skeptical masses: Instead of sitting at you computers making outrageous claims about the steady progress of medicine, why not go donate some of your moneys to a research foundation? I know its frustrating, especially with misleading articles like this one, but we have no reason to believe that big pharma is patent sinking a cure. They lose money to competitors on insulin, anyway. Please, enlighten us if you are aware of a case when big pharma sunk a patent. Drying up research grants doesn’t count, because research is expensive and it isn’t their responsibility to fund university research projects. it is the voters responsibility to encourage our research institutions and donate

      • Dave Transplant recipient

        ” but the people in this industry are devoted to
        human health and well being. We are, however, still a LONG way from a
        preventive and even farther away from a cure.”

        What kind of fantasy world do you live in?

    • Sajid Rafique

      well the same Industry will just make its ludicrous profits from the new therapies .

      • constitutionalist

        Look at the $4 list at a chain store pharmacy. Each and every one of those were once a “miracle drug” that cost a fortune when it first came out. The company that developed it had only 10-14 years to make back their research investment. The system WORKS. Look at the list! To develop a new drug and get it on the market now costs at least half a BILLION dollars. The prices are NOT ludicrous given the limited patent time to recoup the R&D investment. Yes, there have been instances of criminal and unethical coverups by drug companies, but they don’t invalidate the system.

        • Karen (KuJo) Turner

          The number of drugs coming to market as generic has declined as companies reformulate to extend patents.

          • constitutionalist

            The number of new drugs coming to market has declined as research has become more and more expensive and there remain fewer biological pathways and targets that have not already been researched.

            Reformulating to extend patents is “good business practice.” They would not be behaving responsibly to their stockholders if they didn’t try something to increase profits.

            Some have even agreed to PAY the potential generic manufacturers to delay getting the generic to market so they have longer to sell their brand name drug at the higher price. (I find THIS practice unconscionable).

          • Khürt L. Williams

            WRONG! Reformulation does not extend the patent. The original formulation goes out of patent. The new formulation is ONLY thing patented.

        • William Bragg

          Yes the system works really well for the Pharma companies making their billions off sick people. Are you a troll for the pharmaceutical companies?

          • constitutionalist

            No. I have spent my entire adult life in medical research and teaching and not in the employ of the pharmaceutical industry. Thank you.

          • Higher Standard Woodcutting

            Constitutionalist–It’s obvious you’ve never worked in biotech/pharmaceuticals. It is in a company’s best interest to develop effective treatments for diseases. It is NOT in their best interest to develop cures. Drug dealers make their money off the comeback, not the initial hit; pharmaceuticals is not different because it has a fancy name. I worked in biotech/pharma for a decade doing R&D and QC. I have personally seen SEVERAL effective potential cures squashed b/c there isn’t sufficient “profit potential”. I left the industry because it’s all profit driven and now own my own small business.

            There’s a reason some people teach. Those who can…do. Those who can’t…teach others about what they don’t actually know.

          • constitutionalist

            I neglected to mention that I also maintained a highly successful private practice for over a decade after finishing my teaching and research career. I would urge you to report any instance of a potential cure being “quashed” – this would be / is totally unethical. Speak up. Researchers at universities and private foundations would love to have something so potentially helpful upon which to work.

          • RITA ABRAMS

            Where can one make donation
            CURE DIABETES?

          • Higher Standard Woodcutting

            Unethical or not it happens all the time, all over the world. That’s
            the problem with putting medicine and research in the hands of people
            with an MBA. Everyone knows it happens and no one cares, unless you’re
            one of the poor people who desperately need a cure.

          • lwilson

            There is lots of money to be made on cures. Look at all the money that is being spent by companies on cures for hepatitis C — to give just one example.

          • Khürt L. Williams

            Don’t be an ass. I have worked in Pharma. It takes billions of dollars to research, test and get a SINGLE drug approved. Not all research succeeds. Most fail. The ones that get approved must pay for the cost of researching the failures. Drug patents only last 17 years but a single drug can take up to 7 years to research, test, and bring to market. So the companies are left with 10 year to make back the cost of investment AND a healthy profit. You do realize that businesses that don’t make a profit don’t stay in business right?

          • constitutionalist

            Spot on, Khurt.

          • William Bragg

            But I’m not being an ass. I’m being truthful. The pharmaceutical companies don’t do anything but put out poisons that kill people while at the same time raking people for billions and bankrupting them at the same time. Big pharma only wants to treat symptoms. They don’t want to find cures and when as cure gets close to being found they squash the research. When a patent come close to expiring on a drug they go in and change the formulation a little and get another patent so they can make billions more. Americans are the most overcharged people in the world for prescription drugs. You sir and your attitude is what is wrong with this world. Profits at any and all costs.

          • lwilson

            Well if you believe that pharmaceuticals just put out poisons then you will be able to save lots of money by not buying their products.
            The idea that pharma companies don’t seek cures is just not true — look at the drugs they have and are developing.

          • lwilson

            William: People can disagree with you without being trolls. It is too bad that you would rather attack people’s motives than actually respond to their arguments. Sorry but comments like yours just show how close-minded some people can be.

          • William Bragg

            Really? Being close minded is relative and it goes both ways. I used to be where you are and in favor of pharmaceuticals, thinking they were good and that all the pharma companies were out for the best interests of patients who needed their drugs. But now I know different. After I turned off the TV in 2004 the reality of our society started to become as plain as day to me. It is not a pretty picture. Sorry I don’t want to disappoint but I’m far from being close minded. The troll comment only came about because the person I made it to feels the need to comment on every post being made. Really now is that necessary for that person to be doing that? It just looks like the comments coming from this person are designed to make the pharma companies look good and they are probably paying them to do it. Everyone has their own opinion and are probably set in their opinions.

      • ShannonA

        My theory is that they did a weird Saturday press release because of the Supreme Court decision last week preventing them from patenting organic DNA.

        • Pamela Daisy

          What do you mean ShannonA – Could you please expand on what one has to do with the other?

          • ShannonA

            Because when the “molecular pathways” might have been patentable, there was more reason to keep the research under wraps. Now that naturally-occurring DNA is not patentable, it seems to me that there’ll be less information-hoarding.

            Of course, I was just speculating on the really odd news-cycle Saturday press release. Could be someone forgot to release it on a weekday. 🙂

    • docmark

      Any person, group, company, affiliation, political interest, WHATEVER, that would knowingly prevent curing a disease so that they could profit from treating the disease is well-deserving of the consequences their actions will reap.

      • constitutionalist

        I agree.

        However, it doesn’t happen.

        Name one. Seriously. Name one, and show us exactly how they have ‘prevent[ed] curing a disease.’

        It is not possible to slow or prevent the progress of scientific knowledge.

        The fact is that there is NOT a cure for most chronic illnesses. Biology.

    • Good_News_Guardian

      Even with their billions in cash, they wont be able to stop it if God wants to bring the cure out. This is what we have to pray for. I keep my faith in God for the cure, not a Boston Hospital. Here is how we can speed it along:

  • sharongibson

    This is exciting news!

  • Melissa Dabney Zieger


  • Stephanie Lewandowski

    As a type one diabetic since I was seven years old (I’m eighteen now), there is nothing I’d rather see than a cure to this horrible disease. To be honest, I’m not even sure how I’d live my life WITHOUT the shots, blood tests, and constantly worrying about what I’m eating.. lol, it would be heaven on earth. I can’t even imagine a life like that.

    • Jason Perry

      I am a type 1 diabetic also, as is my daughter. Obviously I am past the age twenty bracket of people this will benefit, but my daughter is 16. Woot! I don’t mind syringes anyway. Hah…

      • Jeremy

        If you read carefully, this article doesn’t actually say it is limited to people under 20. It is saying that the 215,000 number refers to diabetics (type 1 and type 2) under the age of 20. This finding actually applies ONLY to type 1 diabetics, but it does apply to ALL type 1 diabetics. However, it is not a cure, but rather a way to make pancreas transplants more effective.

        • Jason Perry

          I picked that up immediately after reading the article but I was on my way out the door. I jumped the gun and commented before reading the entire article. This is good news. =-}

    • John Chesley

      I got type one diabetes around 8 and am now 22. I have had this terrible disease for almost 14 years now and as you said I can barely imagine what it would even be like to not have to test my blood sugar or give myself more insulin after eating even the smallest of snacks.
      It would be heaven on earth indeed.

      • Sajid Rafique

        God bless u John

    • Sajid Rafique

      My prayer for you Stephanie . My daughter is 25 and got it at 17

    • Daniel John Armas Walton

      I remember before I became type 1, I was probably the happiest kid alive, now it’s like I”m the exact opposite.

  • E L McKenzie

    This is exciting! I am not hopeful for the funding necessary to bring this research too market though. The drug companies have the American people strung out on medication to manage dm2, & have very little drive to address type 1 as both insure their industrys necessity for the life of so many Americans. This has nothing to do with politics it has to do with greed!

    • Sajid Rafique

      If a cure cause is identified then the less corrupt countries (like japan or some in europe) may develope the cure and kick on the big pharma’s ass

  • Jim Olson

    I’d be ok with not taking shots anymore. Type I for more than 20 years, and beginning to have long-term complications.

    • Sajid Rafique

      God bless u Jim

  • Eddie Vroom

    I’m thinking that a vaccine is likely.

  • PegasusWing

    Drug companies are not going to like this! Nevertheless, they will seek a patent on some meds used, claim that their exorbitant profits are necessary to fund research; research, which they more and more do not bother to fund. Research now comes from Europe, hospitals, and universities, not drug companies. It will be interesting to watch how this develops. Hopefully this will result in a cure.

  • Suzie

    I’ve had type 1 since age 9; I’m now 53 and on an insulin pump. The pump is better than the shots, but how wonderful it would be to finally have a cure.

    • Sajid Rafique

      May it turn out good for you Suzie

    • Jennifer Jordan Justice

      I’ve had Type 1 since 1958, and am starting my 56th year with it. I still use 3-4 injections a day, 18 eyedrops daily, and many other maintenance drugs. I’ve been retired from 32 years of teaching for 3 years. I now have time to think and wish for the cure. Medical professionals have told me about research in Europe, but…
      I am a 50 Year Medalist, hoping to make it to the 75 Year Medalist!

      • Janis N. Senungetuk

        I’m a 50 Year Medalist, too, having been diagnosed in 1955 at the age of eight. I would love a cure!

        • Jennifer Jordan Justice

          I grew up in PGH, PA, born in and returned to KY in 1964. Do you mind telling your history?

      • Pamela Daisy

        Jennifer Jordan Justice, what type of maintenance drugs are there out there? I have not heard of eye drops. My son recently lost part of his vision in eye and had to have surgery due to JD. Would you mind sharing that information with me? Thank you.

        • Jennifer Jordan Justice

          The eye drops are for severe dry eye syndrome and glaucoma. These conditions resulted from the 18 lazer treatments for DPR. I also have had two cataract surgeries and one ESL? lazer for glaucoma. I still have 20/30 in both eyes. The maintenance drugs are for blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, allergies, asthma, COPD, vitamins, omega 3, and 3-4 insulin injections a day. One is Lantus and 2-3 of Humulin R. I also had cancer surgeries in 1981 and thankfully no return. My first lazer wasin 1989-31 yrs after dxof D.

  • Paul Little

    Forgive me if I am skeptical. Major scientific breakthroughs are not announced on ‘blogs’. Refer us to a published, peer reviewed paper and I will take more interest. Until then, I see this as nothing more than Boston Children’s Hospital beating the bushes for donations.

    • Rick

      Major scientific breakthroughs are not announced by people waiting for a paper to be published. By all means the result needs to be peer reviewed, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with a blog announcement of a result.
      And really, your last sentence is incredibly insulting.

    • isidore256

      The link to the paper published 6 months ago is in the blog article. I’m glad they post it for the public on their website – most medical journals are expensive to access and not written to be understood by the general public.

      • Paul Little

        OK, I read the abstract to which they linked from the blog. Now, I am not a doctor, or formally trained in the sciences in any way, but it does not appear (to me) to say what the blog, and this article claim it says. It talks about reduced rejection of transplanted pancreatic cells. It does not appear (again, to me) to say anything about initial causes of the disease. Also, it talks about research in vitro, and in mice, both of which are a long way from human applications. Mice models have always been unreliable predictors of human responses to similar treatments, and in vitro results are even sketchier. It seems like promising news in the development of more effective treatments in controlling diabetes, but a cure? It seems to me using that world was unmerited by the research, and deliberately used by the researcher simply to give good headline.

  • Vegan Kayaker

    Adults are being diagnosed with Type 1 or, more specifically, Type 1.5, LADA, Latent Automimmune.

  • artrat

    Something is not right here. A cure will never happen in the true sense of the word “cure”. The Rockefeller controlled medical industry an all associated with it are not interested in cures, they are obsessed with greed, power and control. Be careful, much of the world’s sickness is due to vaccines, pharmaceuticals and bio-terrorism via medical science/research and the Medical/Military Industrial Complex. We are at war and most don’t even realize it and our enemy is using disease as the weapon.

  • Connor McJunkin

    I’ve been a Type 1 Diabetic for close to 5 years (17 now) and the minute they have a ‘cure’ or new way to attack the disease I’ll be in line waiting. Hate having this disease.

    • Cathy

      I am 46 and felt the same way you do for a long time. Then, one day I had an “Ah Ha” moment. I thought how lucky I was to be given this manageable, but unpredictable disease because many people are given a diagnosis where they will be dead in a few months or years and suffer horribly in that time. I don’t have to suffer if I, myself, learn about how my body uses food and follow as normal a life as I can. I just don’t worry about it anymore and do what I can for ME!

  • Maria Fraccica

    Great that they found a cause but will BIG PHARM allow a cure?

  • Becky Bedard

    I have been type 1 diabetic for 31 years and my endo believed back in the day it was because I had the chicken pox and it destroyed my immune system and my pancrease!! I have been wishing for year for them to cure the horrific disease!!!

    • Sheila Wagner

      31 years also. Hope you are managing well. To be honest I am so tired of this disease and just hope I can stay strong. I pray everyday my children are not affected so they don’t have to deal with all the harmful effects that come along with this terrible disease. Take care

    • Cathy

      My physician believes that mine was caused by the mumps virus. I have an identical twin that had the mumps at age 5 in the summer of 1972. Even though I slept in the same bed, ate at the same table and played with her, I never got them. Then 6 months later, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabletes (May, 1973).

  • Michael

    This western allopathic approach to research fails to understand the definition of root cause and will merely lead to dependence upon some new pharmaceutical or biomedically engineered product. While the ATP/P2X7R pathway is identified as playing a key role in firing up the autoimmune response, the conditions that lead to this pathway can vary greatly among individuals. Perhaps a food intolerance to a specific type of carbohydrate may lead to this pathway in some people, but an intolerance to gluten or an environmental allergen may do the same for others. Chronic illnesses are often symptoms of another underlying problem which only holistic medicine can identify and treat. This is great they have identified this pathway, but journalism loves to say causes and cures have been found when in fact this is nowhere near the case.

    • Michael

      To elaborate – an inhibitor could be synthesized to block this specific pathway, however it would certainly come with side effects as all processed pharmaceuticals do. Perhaps it would also inhibit or modify some other essential biochemical process in the body. What this research offers is likely just another poisonous pharmaceutical option.

      • Robert Howard

        Way to make a claim based on zero evidence.

      • Dizcuzted

        Show your data or STFU, jackass.

      • William Bragg

        Guest I whole heartily agree with you. Western medicine never researches to find the root cause of disease. They only invent drugs that treat symptoms and leave many sick people with a dependence on drugs that are pretty much toxic. Don’t pay any attention to the name callers here. They are just frustrated individuals who live inside a tiny little reality box.

        • Robert Howard

          Really William? Do you not realize this article is about Western medicine finding the root cause of the disease? It’s actually right there in the headline, so I’m not sure how you missed it.

    • Karen (KuJo) Turner

      What it seems to say is “We’ve found a new path to research.” I agree with you in that the finding does not equal an understanding of the how(s). I also agree with the speculation below that given the time to research, the options would likely include some type of synthetic (processed) pharmaceutical with side affects. Since all research either looks for potentials and/or tests hypothesis, the problems of evidence and data are void. You have put forth a hypothesis, something that is a possibility. I appreciate the ability to do so in a way I can understand and I agree with what you said, but could not have articulated it. Thanks.

    • Sajid Rafique

      Oh pessimism here

    • jm8898

      and you are a doctor?

      • Karen (KuJo) Turner

        You don’t have to be a doctor to have knowledge. The doctors I worked with would have agreed with almost every thing above and many of them would agree that holistic medical teams have better success.

        • Robert Howard

          Holistic medical teams in the true sense of the word, not the new-agey crap that thinks eating right and doing yoga will make a pancreas suddenly start working again.

          • Karen (KuJo) Turner

            The children’s hospital I worked in used art and music therapy, nutritional counseling, aroma therapy, relaxation techniques, and provided on demand room service with fresh, healthy food choices including whole fruit/veggie smoothies. They allowed parents to be responsible for other nonstandard therapies and many normal treatment processes used were once considered new-age crap. They have been ranked one of the top US children’s hospitals for about 10 years and they are a non-profit teaching hospital. That’s the kind of holistic team I’m referring to.

          • Robert Howard

            And how many of those kids spontaneously started producing insulin?

          • Robert Howard

            Sorry, I didn’t see your reply before now. Exactly how many children did that hospital cure?

  • DittySmith

    I don’t see big business allowing this to happen. They make too much money off diabetes and cancer for a cure or vaccine ever to be found.

  • Rita Wilson

    I had read somewhere that type1 was likely an autoimmune. I lost a sister who went into insulin shock after having meningitis. Another sister and I have another autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis. Right now the genetically engineered biologic I’m on is Orencia. It is a t-cell blocker. One 30 minute infusion every 4 weeks and my RA stays in remission and life is wonderful!

  • Jack Giralico

    My granddaughter is 7 and has suffered type 1 since she was 3 or 4. This is the answer to many prayers.

    • Sajid Rafique

      I hope Jack. My daughter is 25 and got it at 17

  • Jeremy

    Let’s be clear. This research does not indicate that there is a cure! This research indicates that we may be able to make current long term treatments (like pancreas transplants) more effective. Please click on the linked word “blog” near the top of this article to read the original (and more accurate) post by the researchers.

  • Tina Parkhurst

    People, PLEASE stop saying that there will never be a cure to this disease! To those of us that have lived with it (myself for 34 years), we have to have hope. I’ve watched friends go piece by piece and I refuse.

  • David D’Champ

    I’ve been saying for years that the drug industry has been preventing cures for things like Diabetes, MS, MD, Cancer and other problems that they make tons of money off ‘treating’. If this happens it will truly amaze me.

  • Maia

    Amazing. Our heartfelt thanks to the researchers doing this important work. From the parents of a T1D three-year old.

  • gahnzo55

    Sorry, and I hope it’s actually true.. but I heard “cure within 10 -15 years” from the physician that diagnosed our daughter. That was 25 years ago when my daughter was diagnosed at age 1. Oh and no diabetes in my family either side. SO not holding my breath.

  • Jack Bear

    I’m type 1 and 24, just found out two weeks ago. Any hope for a late bloomer? I want to learn more!

  • Clem Stanyon

    Meanwhile, in the field of MS research, there is already a cure that desensitises the immune system:

  • Jackson

    Don’t you have to take MORE drugs when you have a transplant? Wouldn’t that be more expensive and invasive than taking the insulin? I would LOVE a cure…but if the ‘cure’ is actually making people dependant on more meds, I don’t see the point. Please explain and correct me if I’m wrong.

    • jessie rae

      the point is get the body to produce the correct amounts of vital chemicals on it’s own so you won’t have to take insulin/glucose.

      By identifying what pathway it takes, they think they may be able to reroute the “directions” if you will, and initially yes you would take anti-rejection drugs in the case of a major transplant. But there are other options

      • Jackson

        Thanks, Jessie rae. I would love to see a cure, or atleast something that would help reverse long term damage of the pancreas. No one should have to live with Diabetes. I appreciate the explanation:)

  • Craig Morgan

    Being a type one diabetic for only 6 years I actually got to enjoy life without insulin shots and glucose tablets. To go back to that seems really unreal to me. But I do hope a cure is found because sometimes I think how long is my body going to be able to take this. And I think about how long other type 1 diabetics like me have had the same thought.

    • bonerjones7

      Amen there bro….

  • Saness

    Me and my kids all have it. Everyone hope and pray and be positive, the world is changing at an amazing rate. They only discovered insulin itself in 1923, not that long ago in the big picture.

    • Leah Hicks

      Don’t just hope and pray, donate money!

  • Rallie Florencio Cruz

    Every medicine prescribed to diabetes patients is never intended to cure the ailment but to maintain it so their medicines will continue to be produced and purchased. Imagine if the world is healthy, How many laboratories will close shop?

    • jessie rae

      The world “healthy”, you mean being able to breed beyond our carrying capacity? How long until the close quarters spread disease and viruses?

  • Erica Louise Kuestersteffen

    I’ve been type 1 diabetic since I was nine months old and am now 20 so I don’t even know what life would be without diabetes, I have no memory of a time before it. Maybe I’ll finally get to find out one day.

  • Nilky

    There are enough of us type 2 diabetics that the market for insulin won’t even feel the bump…

    • bonerjones7

      you are probably correct unfortunately

  • Sandy

    I’m a Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed at 6 and I really only know about Type 1 so please don’t think me rude or insensitive when I say that I thought that Type 2 was curable with a healthy, or healthier, diet and exercise and that only Type 1 had no cure…..

    • Candace

      Type 2 isn’t curable with diet and exercise, but it is manageable in most cases if the diabetic is willing to make the effort. Unfortunately, the majority choose not to make the lifestyle changes necessary. But those that do can often manage their sugars with, at most, pills.

      • hikeleader

        Candace, type 2 isn’t considered curable however it’s possible to change your life style to a point that no medication is required. Every person is different.

        • Candace

          Is that not what I said? I’m confused. And there are a rare few that still need insulin even with diet, weight loss, and exercise. Of course, they could also be misdiagnosed MODY patients. Proper sorting of diabetic patients is poorly done at best.

  • Autumn Marie Moses

    This article falsely ties in Type 2 diabetes with Type1. If you read the blog to the Boston Children’s Hospital it NEVER states Type2 diabetes. These are two very different diseases of the pancreas.

    • jessie rae

      No, it wasn’t a tie in, was just trying to be thorough, ugh they already dumb down science enough for the public, why try to nitpick something it’s clear you don’t understand well.

      • Autumn Marie Moses

        Yeah… I’m pretty sure I understand the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes… but if you don’t that’s okay. They have books you can buy to educate yourself.

        • jessie rae

          There was no tie in to type 2 diabetes, they give no indication the test is for anything other than type 1. (Simply mentioning type 2 isn’t a tie in)

          This is a surprisingly well written article about a medical issue. If you go onto pubmed and read STUDIES (not books) you will see that this is common to do.

  • Cowboy Coder

    “It will still be a few years before they can test the therapies in children”

    Which therapies? It’s kind of irritating that the author refers to “the therapies” in reference to hypothetical unknown therapies that it is hoped may some day be discovered.

  • nathan wiginton

    La La la I Have type 1 since 2004 20 months I Am sorry for this

    • fish flakes


  • Jo Thouas

    When you find a cure, let us know. Like all the other breakthroughs. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Robert4health

      Jo, several natural herbs have come to light that is helping many people regain their health. Dr McCord pent 40 years of research and has been nominated 4 times for the Nobel Prize for his discovery. Take a few minutes and research this here. I did and was very impressed ( ) then help us get the word out.

  • Robert4health

    In my opinion the underlining cause of diabetes are vaccinations. Most people have no clue that 5 vaccines are linked to diabetes as early as the 1940’s. In September 2000, Dr. Classen presented data at the International Public Conference on Vaccination proving vaccines are the largest cause of insulin dependent diabetes in children. DTaP 15Vvaccines -5 shots, HEP-B 4Vaccines – 4 shots – HIB 5Vvaccines -5 shots, MMR 6Vaccines -2 shots, PNEUMOCOCCAL 5Vaccines -5 shots, By 6 years old 35 vaccines and 21 shots. Will child’s DNA ever be the same? Coming soon DOG Cell in vaccines. Google it.

    • William Bragg

      I believe you have hit on a big part of the problem with the scourge of vaccines(poison).

    • Cathy

      That doesn’t make sense to me at all. Vaccines may trigger it in a few, but I am an identical twin and we were both given vaccines at the same time on the same day. I have diabetes and my twin does not. If a vaccine caused it in me, then my twin would be diabetic too. WE ARE IDENTICAL GENETICALLY! It is not the vaccines!

  • docmark

    Any person, or company, or country, political interest, WHATEVER, that would knowingly suppress development of a cure of a disease so that they could profit from the treatment of that disease is well-deserving of the harvest their actions will reap.

  • Tammy Attigui

    They need to keep digging. All disease can be traced to a parasite, mold or fungus. Eurytrema Pancreaticum is the root cause. All they’ve found is the pathway that triggers the immune response. The question is, “What causes the pathway to trigger the immune response?”

    • bonerjones7


  • Margaret Polino Nicholas

    This is great news

  • Kat Kairos

    I knew I was going to be diabetic 20yrs ago when I was pregnant with my 1st child. My OBGYN said that since I was gestationally diabetic, and my family history was heavily populated with diabetes-afflicted folks on my Mother’s side…the apple NEVER falls far from that tree. Knowing that my daughter, or her children, could be free of this disease is a marvelous thing to contemplate.

  • Kat Kairos

    Hmm…might want to read that article again, Son. My Grandchildren, like several of my family members, may be born with Type I, because of the genetics involved. The fact that it is predictable in families makes it pretty much a coin-toss, and ANY possibility that the disease could be wiped out or treated better than a pat-on-the-head and “better luck next time…” is good news. Unless you HAVE that kind of gun pointed at your genetic family tree, your opinion is duly noted and given as much weight as it deserves…*yawn*

  • Steven33

    This discovery/possible cure will be buried like all the others. Drug companies make too much money off of insulin, test strips, etc…. While amazing that science has identified the cause of Diabetes….corporate greed will very quietly and quickly bury it. For example. Eli Lilly will most like fund millions of dollars into the research only to have all of BCH sign non disclosure agreements and then abandon the project. This has happened with multiple diseases/drugs. I’ve been insulin dependent for 23 years now. While there are ways to make our lives easier….for now there isn’t a way to make it disease free. It is a glimmer of hope, for diabetics all around the world….but don’t get so hyped up that when/if disappointment comes…your devastated. I would love for a cure….I just don’t buy into false hopes…I want hard proof its there and works…not theoretical possibilities..

  • Estrella Tryon

    My father is diabetic (I don’t know type) and I worry about becoming diabetic myself because I don’t know how I would live with all of the needles and blood sticks diabetics have to go through. This kind of thing gives me hope that someday when/if I get diagnosed with diabetes I won’t have to go through all that and can just be immediately cured.

    That said, I also hear people who say that the pharmaceutical companies will never go for it. I have a suspicion that these people are right because I have read about other areas where doctors use a test or product that is less than perfect and the pharmaceutical companies refuse to find a new way to do it because the old way saves them money. So if they won’t change something because the old way saves money, the idea that they wouldn’t do something that would get rid of a way that earns them a lot of money isn’t too far off.

    Still, I do hope that this will happen someday.

  • Jody Lynne McGlynn

    I was diagnosed with Type 1 at 3 yrs old. I am 42 now. Both of my children have Type 1 also….this is an amazing step!!! I would love to see my children NEVER have to worry about taking their insulin and leading stronger healthier lives!!!

  • Sarah

    I’ve had Type 1 DM since I was 8 and am almost 29 now. This is wonderful news and I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this research!

  • John M Johnson

    should not get a license unless you cure something stop living on the old real researchers

  • Mousie Sieben

    I have a 5 year old grand daughter , it will be truly a blessing if a cure is found!!

  • Deonne Marcum Bowling

    I have type 1 this is awesome news God I hope they do I have been this way since birth Im in my 40s now.

  • Concerned Neuroscientist

    This is piss poor reporting of science.

  • Good_News_Guardian

    The only true path to a cure is through the one true God above, that is where our faith belongs. I wrote an article illuminating this proper path to the cure which includes information about a holy angel that protects against invisible enemies like Diabetes:

    • admlshak3

      Yeah be cause faith “healing” has worked so well for people in the past. I’m sure they are all thinking what a great choice they made from their graves.

  • Reality100001

    How soon will this squashed, you can’t make money curing diseases.

    • FredReese

      Yeah, those people who want cures are cheap bastards. They will go to Obama before they will ever pay for the medical cures they want.

  • Tracy Lyons

    This would be fantastic! My daughter has been type 1 since she was 3 years old. I always thought it was triggered from getting multiple immunizations. Even if it’s not, I don’t think having a small amount of several diseases injected into someone at one time is a good idea.

    • lekoshe

      It is a great idea and one that has massively extended human lifespans and quality of life around the world.

  • Pat Queen

    I have had Type 1 for almost 54 years, since I was 12. Help JDRF with the research, and together we’ll find a cure soon.

  • ChristianWriter

    Would substantially lower the cost of societal healthcare and improve outcomes if we can improve treatments/cures for diabetes. These days we understandably distrust Western institutions, especially those which chase the money and forfeit loyalty, imagination, hope and discovery. I hope for courageous decision makers to push these findings into the actual treatments and cures.

  • disqus_bcTSEx00Cd

    But what’s causing the “cause” is the real question.

  • Linda Stevens

    I have not seen any mention of NIH (National Institutes of Health) which is funded by the American taxpayers and the funding is getting slashed daily as we need more money for the military, homeland security, etc. The pharmaceutical companies are NOT doing the majority of basic medical research in this country – it is done by NIH funded scientists both at the campus in Bethesda, MD and through the extramural programs at universities and hospitals. Pharmaceutical companies research new drugs or expand uses of current drugs. NIH spends NO money on marketing, publicity, etc. The pharmaceutical companies can take research published through NIH funding and use it as a basis to develop new drugs. NIH administrators do not make multimillion $ salaries.

  • Jami

    I am thankful for all who are trying to find a cure and I have to say I am also thankful for Pharma. who spent the time and money. Just look how far they have come in the last 20yrs. I know for the last 5yrs the pharm. companies have kept my 13yr old alive until a cure is found!!!

  • lisa hickey

    Ive type 1 diabetes for the past 10 yrs its great to hear there might be a cure,if ye need a guinnypig i would do it

  • Nicole Block

    I was diagnosed with Diabetes when I was 15 months old and I am now 27 years old. To hear there is a possible cure for this “disease” makes me so happy!! I really hope they find a cure for everyone of different age groups!

  • gdf55

    I am dismayed and embarrassed at the level of paranoid fearmongering going on in these comments.

    I am the father of a type 1 diabetic. What his disease has cost us – not just in $$, but in stress and heartache and time – over the past 7 years is something you can’t put a price tag on.

    Up to now, all we’ve understood about type 1 is that it’s an autoimmune disease. BCH claims to have isolated the specific trigger, and even if all the research produces is an early reliable test for the onset of type 1, it would be a huge step forward. Suppressing the autoimmune process would obviously be even better. And if it turns out that the pancreas can create new beta islet cells (the cells that produce insulin) and targeted immunosuppression could preserve those cells, that would be huge. From my 15-year-old son’s point of view, it would be like getting his life back.

    So it is with a great deal of emotion that I request that all the conspiracy theorists and skeptics back off. Better yet, [f-word] off.

  • Sam Rose Bowen

    im 13 and ive had diabetes since i was 9 this would be amazing so have diabetes cured i cant belive it.

  • Julie

    If this is true, why haven’t I seen this announced, at the very least, on the JDRF website?

  • Lisette Gil

    I’m 32 and have been a Type1 Diabetic since 1989. Although I manage my condition extremely well, it would be a breath of fresh air to not have to worry about insulin injections or pump supplies. And why isn’t there a “generic” form of insulin??! If I can’t get a cure, please make it so that I don’t have to pay $120 each time I have to refill my prescription! 🙁 Frustrating….but if I don’t do it, I’ll die….sad, huh?

  • Kathy Kerslake

    Will this apply to adults w/Type 1 as well?

  • Jacquelynn Jurian

    “By identifying the ATP/P2X7R pathway as the early mechanism in the body that fires up an alloimmune response, we found the root cause of diabetes,”

    okay… So what causes the ATP/P2X7R to fire up an alloimmune response? This does not explain the “root cause” — this describes the isolation, in scientific terms, of what is reacting and now they can move forward with creating more drugs and treatments to profit from.
    I’m tired of reading articles that say “We’ve found the root cause!! So now we can sell you the cure!” — when they don’t explain why the “root cause” is reacting this way. What average person actually understands this jargon?

  • ShannonA

    While people are arguing about the motivation (or lack thereof) to provide a cure, I have a personal story about that issue. Without being “paranoid”, I concur there is some amount of resistance in the professional Diabetes community to providing the best care to all. My husband and I work in tech, and when his 11-yr-old daughter was diagnosed last year, we immersed ourselves in solving the puzzle of “why do they have continuous glucose monitors in other countries but not here” and “Why can’t test strips be standardized to all monitors” and “Why can’t we have a CGM that just TALKS to the pump all the time and take out the human math risk” etc. It turns out that the various corporations that manufacture the CGMs & the pumps and the regular glucose monitors and the strips ALL have a deeply-entrenched proprietary profit motive. We’ve talked to people from various companies, because we wanted to work on apps to make everything talk. The corporations do NOT want this.

    Furthermore, they are not motivated to develop newer-tech devices or better pumps faster because of the restrictions in US insurance company rules, which limit a patient’s ability to upgrade a pump to once very 4 years.Of course, I have no idea how this is addressed under Obamacare (of which I am generally a fan). Since the insurance companies co-wrote the bill, a capitulation that was a necessary evil in order to get traction with the American people, I’d guess this limit is still going to be in place.

    If you look at Europe and Canada, they have much more advanced & automated CGM/pump configurations.

    As my husband always says: WHY do we have a GPS collar that allows us to see where our CAT is 24/7, but not a CGM that tells us our daughter’s blood glucose anytime we want to know it?

    That is really all you need to ask yourself. Or take the time to approach the corporations to get APIs to unify the data stream, and you’ll find out the reality.

    • Daniel John Armas Walton

      I was wondering the same thing about the test strips, then I realised, it’s all about the money.

  • Buddy Farrell

    My daughter was 18 months old (9 1/2 now) and I would give my left arm to cure her of this disease.

    • Got FAT? Go VEG!

      Look up Dr. Neal Bernard and think about buying his book:
      Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes without Drugs.

  • Amy

    I get it- and buy in to it at some level, too. Pharma is out to make cash. Can anyone reply with a little shimmer of hope? I don’t think a cure will be tomorrow, but I refuse to think there will never be one because of money hungry pharm companies. There is a bit of light here- I have to buy in to that too.

  • Teresa Kuhl

    I have a very young cousin who just got air lifted to a children’s hospital with Type 1 diabetes raging out of control. A cure would be a godsend for him.

  • Jay Doesitbetta

    I have had Type 1 since I was 12. I am currently 33. I would love to see it cured in my lifetime. I don’t care how many meter, test strip, and vial insulin companies go out of business. I will always hate living with this disease. =))

  • Renee M Therriault

    Treatment/cure would be wonderful for those already affected, but more research is needed about the real root cause, which is not a “Pathway” but something in our lifestyle/environment. How else to explain the increasing prevalence and earlier onset of Type 1 and the hugely different rates in different countries- 5 times more prevalent in the US than across the border in Mexico. One possible link shown by some studies is the too early introduction of cow’s milk to babies. Of course the medical industry has little interest in researching that.

  • Mohanan Karoth

    I have type I diabetes, when I was young I could not get time to eat sweet dishes, and now when free I cannot eat bcz of diabetes, so if can be cured permanently I would be the happiest person on the earth.

    • Got FAT? Go VEG!

      Look up Dr. Neal Bernard and his diabetes work.

  • Skeptic Tank

    Curious that “Khurt L Williams” attacks or belittles this research and its enthusiasts not just here, but in response to the blog cited in the article, too. What’s particularly interesting is that he uses completely different rhetoric in his attempts to discredit or distract from the main point of the research. I’m not going to say that he’s an industry shill, but that IS exactly the sort of behavior one would expect of one.

    You’ve seen his arguments here. In the other case, his approach is “Approximately 85 percent of people living with T1D are adults. What about us?”

  • Isaac Parenteau

    As much as this sounds optimistic, I don’t think we will see a cure for another 10 to 15 years because if we cure type 1 diabetes then large pharmaceuticals would be losing money. They never make money off cures, only off medicines that someone has to take every day for life.

    • Got FAT? Go VEG!

      Look up Dr. Neal Bernard and his work.

  • Sean

    I have had type 1 diabetes for 17 years now and for 17 years they have been “close to a cure” but in reality they already have the cure but there is way to much money wrapped up in diabetes right now so the cure will never go public.

    • Got FAT? Go VEG!

      Look up Dr. Neal Bernard and his program.

  • Got FAT? GO Veg!

    Dr. Neal Barnard’s program has been found to be 3x more effective than the American Diabetes Association dietary guidelines at controlling blood sugar:

  • Carrie Czerwonka

    So… what caused the ATP/P2X7R pathway to trigger? I’m very curious.

  • Diane Vinal

    My son was 10 when we found out and i have aunts and uncle that are diabetic 1 it would great 2 found a cure so everyone that has it wont have it anymore…

  • Nate Torious

    In other news, science is awesome!

  • Tammie Dodson

    When I was diagnosed at age six, I was told there would be a cure within five years. We’ve come a long way, but almost 40 years later I am still waiting. Let’s hope this is a giant leap!

  • niner_four_whiskey

    Reading the comments here and all I can say is, “it’s got electrolytes!”

  • Sarra

    I don’t understand how this is a cure for DM 1. They found the pathway that triggers T cell attacks on the pancreas. Okay, those of us who have been diagnosed with DM 1 have already had our beta cells attacked, and they are no longer producing insulin, so how does this help us? We don’t even know who is at risk for Type 1, if it were to be a means of prevention, right? DM 2 is totally different. Anyway, just my thoughts.

    • Twice Diabetes

      I have heard it said that there will be no cure for type 1 until there is prevention. Basically, the idea is that there is no point regenerating, regrowing, transplanting, xenotransplanting or anything else until such time as you can stop the process that triggers the immune system to destroy your islets.

  • Anon. to protect scientists

    I have personal knowledge of a large company that took millions in grants from a very well known fund-raising research organization to find a cure; collaborating and funding academic research as well. When leadership changed and they wanted to refocus on drugs rather than curing the disease, those who had made the discoveries that would have cured the disease ALREADY, were driven out. Grants to academics were pulled. Lawsuits were filed, employees were hushed, and books will be written. But in the end, those of us who suffer with the disease will not be helped. Even those who worked dedicatedly for said company to find the cure no longer believe. It’s not a conspiracy – it’s about money.

  • Mike Arienti

    Those of you bitching about who pays for what are missing the point. We’re on the verge of a cure for diabetes and you’re playing politics? Morons.

  • Cathy

    This article says they will deal with people younger than 20 for the “cure” should it be found. Weren’t we all affected the same way, no matter what our age. I am thinking after reading this that it is another ploy to make type 1 diabetics think the end is near, when in fact it is no where near. The article says they think they have found it. It doesn’t say they actually did find it. The pharmaceutical industry will never let a cure be found because they will lose tons of money! I just celebrated my 40th anniversary of diagnosis and have minor neuropathy. This is false hope once again I’m afraid.

  • teevirus

    “…triggers the T-cell attacks on the pancreas..”. Does this mean Diabetes is an autoimmune disease?

    • Kjell Arne

      Yes it is.

  • Kelly Doychinova

    ” can test the therapies in children”… wake up? They want our children to be the lab rats for this….

  • Elizabeth Hodge

    awesome! Finally some good news for those that suffer. after some of the other news stories I read today this is brilliant.

  • Melissa Perry Moraja

    This would truly be a miracle for every child and family living with this disease! My daughter has had it for 19 months now, and until you live with it, you truly don’t understand how hard it is to manage and control. Bless the doctors and researchers who haven’t given up! Melissa and

  • Stacy Mattox Pandya

    Thank you. Praying for the researchers and my 8 year old type 1 diabetic son, Carter.

  • Bsparkle

    Honestly, while it is true that Pfizer makes glipizide, if there was a company that would loose the most, you should look to Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, and Sanofi-Adventis. There really has not been a generic insulin. Wal-mart sells one, I may be wrong, but thats all that I’ve noticed. If patents run out after 17 years, why was it that Novo Nordisk was the only company that produced a so called generic brand insulin. Insulin is big business.

  • Cpt_Justice

    Oh, I hope so!!

  • Jim Tarvin

    I lost my best friend to Diabetes. He was 38.

  • Elizabeth Bartos

    My daughter is 17. She’s had Type 1 Diabetes since she was 12. She is now on the insulin pump. If a therapy other than insulin injections is in the making, then bring it on! I am not so naive to think that pharmaceutical companies won’t profit, but let’s put the cure ahead of the cash for the cause of human mankind sharing this disease.

  • Your Living Body

    That’s great. Cure the type 1 diabetics so they can eat like crap and eventually get type 2.

    • Fred Remlo

      What an asinine comment and a great endorsement for your site.

    • Ted

      That was both classless and idiotic.

    • Guest

      I did not leave that comment. Please stop bugging me about it.

  • jerod smith

    I’ve had Type I Diabetes for the past 17 years and I don’t mind that “drug companies” are scared. I would be also if I knew a cure was on the horizon. I’d probably pay to have it stopped. I would be out of business if I made insulin. I know that sucks for US type I diabetics but guess what that’s just how it is. If you are smart about testing your blood sugar and blousing correctly you could have better control then someone without diabetes. I know crazy right. I dropped a HbgA1c from 8 to 5.9 in 2.5 months. yes its a little extra work on my part, but it only makes me better in the long run. Suck it up, take care of yourself and let the cards fall where they may. The only one to “blame” is yourself if shit goes wrong. Sorry I know its calloused and hard to hear, but unfortunately it’s true.

  • Neel Gause

    the order of amaranth funds diabetes research. all of the money we donate or raise goes to research without any to administration costs, as we are a non-profit organization. as a member of this organization, i find this article very interesting. it is very possible that would fund research for their work.

  • Skip Thorp

    I’m 44 and have had Type 1 since I was 15. The amount of progress over the past couple of years has been amazing. I commend these researchers for not being in the pocket of Big Pharma and actually trying to cure something for a change.

  • Debbie Skipwith

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel?? This is an exciting prospect as my 2 eldest boys have Type 1 and our youngest has been screened twice so far (luckily he’s not at risk….yet). It would be a dream come true, so I hold my thumbs in the hope of a cure and that my boys can look forward to living their lives as other children do without having to be constantly aware of their BG levels and without having to do pre-trip checks to make sure they’ve got the necessary equipment, treatments or supplies and to not have to sit down and calculate each and every meal….I could drone on and on, but THANKYOU for giving me a glimmer of hope!!

  • tiffany

    I have type 1 since 41/2 be happy they of a cure for it

  • Krista McCoy

    Please stop fighting… I have had diabetes since I was nine and if there is that glimmer of hope for all of the people who have this disease then let them have it… If you do not have type 1 diabetes then you have no room to have an opinion… Let it be

    • Twice Diabetes

      Agreed Krista and I’ve had type 1 since infancy, but my 2c is that the glimmers of hope need to stay just that, a glimmer. We need to realise that these triumphal press releases are still many, many years from being even trialled on humans. Hope for the best, expect the worst, maybe?

  • neallehman

    This is exciting news. I’ve had Type 1 for 43 years now and it’s become the driving force in my life; I’m constantly watching the clock and testing my blood. However, let’s put a damper on our enthusiasm. It takes years to research and develop treatment methods. But just knowing about this breakthrough does much to give us all hope. Thanks for the great article.

  • Andrew Emanuel

    I have had type 1 for about a year now and I am 13 years old. It would be a miracle if it could be cured, especially because it could decrease my chances in the future by so much, since ill have only had it for a few years. Hopefully I can go on a trial for the treatment when they are able to test it on children.

  • Greg Wilhelm

    Maybe Some people that have had type 1 diabetes for many years as I have, 41 years, could volunteer to be lab rats for some of the tests. Beating diabetes for this many years you would think should be rewarded, but insurances see it very differently, by telling us how many times we should check our blood levels, and grouping all diabetics into one category for jobs, not being able to obtain CDL’s and DOT med cards, but able to fly planes. A cure does need to be found and we have the technology to do so but insurance companies don’t want to lose a cash cow with all the money they make ripping people off for the costs they charge for needed medicines!!!! Bout time Diabetics got a break!!!

    • Twice Diabetes

      Yeah, I’m kinda wishin’ I was a mouse, then my diabetes would have been cured lots of times. How many hyped up news reports have you seen though that come to nothing regarding a diabetes cure?

  • RastusHalfernickel

    I know there is a lot of discussion on here about how much money that big pharma made over the last year, or years, but what *I* think should really be the focus is putting money into true research. Not money into researching new drugs, but money put into how to prevent the problem from happening to begin with, THAT has long term effects, not just a band-aid fix with pumping in some drug to make it better temporarily, I mean, THAT has no long term effects for the better, only to delay what is inevitable…thats MY $.02 worth..

  • ChariD

    This would be great if they didn’t just focus on the children only. There are many adults who have had Type 1 since they were children; they deserve a cure as well.

    • Jon Broseph

      It’s a lot harder (sometimes impossible) to cure a disease once somebody has had it for a decade than somebody who is in the process of developing it. They aren’t being ‘greedy’ if that’s what you think.

    • Kevin

      It’s a Children’s Hospital. 🙂

  • lenny

    Found out my son noah has type1 last week.devistating and scary. I pray for a cure. He is 15.

    • Twice Diabetes

      Commiserations lenny but it isn’t that bad. My parents had the same discovery over 40 years ago & were “promised” a cure in 5 yrs. Ho hum. Type 1 is crap & I hate it but it’s really not much of an impediment. U just have to do the best u can to beat the crap out of it every single day 🙂 The main thing I wish I knew a long time ago was that it’s impossible to keep your sugars in range all the time. You just have to do your best to take action when they’re out of range and not get hysterical about it. “Keep calm & Carry on” indeed.

      • lenny

        thanks. that’s the plan but I worry about the things that cant be ckecked like him starting highschool with this so new in his life. we are very close but he does keep things to himself. I worry emotionally he will be hurting and not tell me. depression and so on. he has always been a outgoing social kid and im afraid he may withdraw.ything I should know since you went through this.
        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Boston Children’ s Hospital Finds Root Cause of Diabetes

        • Twice Diabetes

          The only advice I can offer is to acknowledge how really hard diabetes is to live with(but not in a poor you way but in a this is really crappy but you’re stuck with it so we’ve got to make the best of it) and manage and encourage the positive things he does for his health more than nagging about the things he neglects. Good luck, there are a few facebook groups for teenagers with diabetes, I think that may help him when the time is right-probably best for him to find them rather than you to tell him about them though 🙂 All the best

        • Kevin

          He’ll be okay. I was diagnosed at 19 and, at 54, I’m doing fine. Just make sure your son gets in the habit of ALWAYS carrying glucose, and, if you can pull it off, get him a pump. My son was diagnosed at 12, insisted on a pump immediately (I’ve had one for as long as he’s known me), and went on to play baseball and wrestle in high school. He’s an engineering student in college now, and one of the nicest people I know.

          It’s all do-able.

      • skwirrl

        You realize there’s different levels of type 1 right? Some people are relatively stable and some people live on deaths doorstep despite constant management.

  • Mitch M

    Looks like some valuable Type 1 research going on in Boston! Last year, there was news about similar work (a vaccine) going on at Massachusetts General Hospital — but no funding from drug companies because there wasn’t enough profit potential: “they tried to interest every major drugmaker in developing the vaccine as a possible cure for diabetes. All told her there wasn’t enough money to be made in a cure that used an inexpensive, generically available vaccine, Faustman said.”

    My bet: now that the Supreme Court has ruled that patents can be awarded for genetically-modified genes, a gene-based “cure” for diabetes will emerge that involves paying a royalty to a drug company. Oh, isn’t that what Type 1 diabetics do today in the form of buying insulin to stay alive?

  • Karen Rudy

    I have had Type 1 diabetes since the age of 4. I am now 50. I remember being laughed at in school when I was young because my mom would have to cook my lunches and bring them to school just so she could be sure I was eating correctly and monitor my blood sugars (and back then there were no monitors to check your blood sugars, you had to urinate on a stick to check blood sugars). Being a child, I was never allowed to receive candy at Halloween (my neighbors would give me fruit, or money from a nickel to a quarter). At Easter, I would never get an Easter basket filled with candy (my basket was usually filled with a coloring book, crayons, etc.); however, it was still hard for me as a child to understand why I was different from other kids and how they ate. It would just be great to see that kids would not have to experience the same issues I faced with being diagnosed at such a young age. This news is wonderful and I sure hope it is successful.

  • Lyndsey Birath

    I was diagnosed with diabetes at 11 months old, I am now 20 years young. I am a college student, an athlete, and a huge dog lover 🙂 However, it would be amazing to add to my profile that I am a survivor and was cured. Maybe someday….stay faithful.

  • Jessica Duck

    ive had diabetes since 1989, i would love to volunteer for being a subject in trials.

  • Eric Roy

    I have been Type 1 for 30 years come September. It would be amazing if they actually found the cause and were able to come up with a “Cure” if you will. Living up here in Maine I would love to be a part of a study, but they never really do anything around here. I have been the Type 1 who nvere took care of himself. Ate what I wanted when I wanted and never covered it correctly with Insulin. Somehow I have skated on thin Ice for 30 years and have no complications YET? I do know for a fact though without my Insulin I’d be dead. Do I believe in Conspiracies about big drug companies blocking the cures? Of course not, cause big Insurance companies pay out too much for Diabetes care and medications. I volunteer to be a Test Subject if needed!

  • Seneca Black

    Profits over people = USA

  • Rita

    This news is exciting! Back in the 1990’s my Aunt was struggling to beat diabetes I, she was on the list for a kidney transplant, I did a research paper on her for my Anatomy and Physiology class, she was also doing dialysis once a week. Unfortunately she lost her battle, and I pray this is never suffered by my own children knowing/seeing what she went through. I’m so thankful for these researchers who will hopefully help the precious lives of others. We’ve come a long way! I hope that we can become more educated on how to prevent this illness…I know she acquired hers when she was 11 yrs old, is it helpful to limit our children’s sugar intake?

    • Twice Diabetes

      There is no way to prevent type 1 diabetes, which is caused by an immune system malfunction. Type 2 diabetes is a different disease, avoiding obesity or being overweight does help avoid type 2 diabetes.

  • bonerjones7

    I got type 1 diabetes at age 23. I had no family history of diabetes. The doctor told me there was no known cause and no cure, I would have it for life and have to take insulin until the day I died. I was so pissed off. So much for taking care of yourself. That was 20 years ago. By the time they get this so-called “possible cure” out to the masses I’ll probably be dead or too damaged to benefit from it. Diabetes has been such a colossal pain in my arse. But thanks God for nothing.

    • Tammy Attigui

      Get on a raw foods lifestyle. Go look on YouTube, there’s too many testimonials of people getting off of insulin.

    • Glenn Taylor

      of course you pain is Gods fault, loser.


    My grandson is 7 years old..he has been a diabetic since he is 15 months..he has the pump on him and he has to be checked every 3 hours..if his sugar is high he has to be checked more offten i pray they find a cure soon for this terrible disease called diabetes

  • duffy2

    When my son was diagnosed at 21 months with t1d, we were told they would have a cure in 10 years. He turns 20 this fall. I’ve always said they need to find the root cause and attack it from there. We need a cure not more equipment and supplies…

  • allistinordonung

    Tristem and QHHT have cures already! You can sure our Space Cousins sorted this out millenia ago

  • Terrybear

    “Curtis Lomax said “This one smells like a lot of hype.” I agree, and I couldn’t put it better myself. In fact, I’m linking to the Lynyrd Skynyrd song “That Smell” as the theme song for this posting:” taken from Joshua Levy’s Diabetes blog. As Seneca says below “profits over people = USA” lol

  • Guest

    I’ve heard the word “cure” each year for the past 24 years! Enough already! CURE THE DAMN DISEASE!

  • Keith Ram Prakash Curbow

    What do you think of this?

    “Cutting finding the cure out of the vocabulary”

  • Casey Hanuska

    Since I was diagnosed (4 years old) till now (15 years old) and I heard all the time was that they will find a cure for diabetes. It always got my hopes up that they would find a cure and I wouldn’t have to worry about injections/shots anymore. It’s been eleven years and I’m still waiting for a “cure”. Reading this gave me some hope but not a lot. Even if they found a cure they are so many type 1 & 2 diabetics. I’m just waiting for the day when I actually hear ” There is a cure for diabetes.”

    • Robert Howard

      I’m 43. Diagnosed Type 1 at 35, but I remember Mary Tyler Moore on the air all the time when I was little begging for money to find a cure for “Juvenile Diabetes” as it was called back then (which is ironic since she herself was like me and wasn’t diagnosed until her mid-30s) when I was a little kid, and this is the first thing I’ve ever heard that comes remotely close to possibly finding a cure.

  • gigi1114

    Watch the movie “Simply Raw – Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days”. You can see it for free on youtube. And yes, diabetes type 2 is easily cured. Many conventional doctors will tell you this is not true, but it is true. Do the research yourself.

    As for diabetes type 1, there have been about a 10% cure rate, and many others have had a noticeable improvement. You can say this is not true, but before you start attacking, educate yourself.

    The allopathic field of medicine is not health, and cure orientated, but are orientated in “treating disease” with drugs. It is totally drug related, and profit driven. Check out the history of our current medical system with an open mind. Sit quietly, and listen to your internal intuition. People nowadays have lost this valuable tool.

    Good luck, and good health to all.

    • Glenn Taylor

      holistic medicine is hogshit.

    • Kevin

      gigi1114 – You claim a 10% cure rate for type 1 diabetes with a raw diet. Please share your source.

      • gigi1114

        Kevin, did you read my post? I don’t claim a cure rate. Did you check out the movie? It is free to watch it on youtube. You have to do the work, I can’t do it for you.

        If you had watched the movie, you would have learned the person in the movie who is getting the 10% cure response is Dr. Gabriel Cousens. You need to do the research, I’ve already done it.

        The thing that is very important to know is that each individual is responsible for their own health–no one else. No doctor, no nurse, no family member, no poster, etc.can do it for you. If you, or anyone else, wants to get well, it takes work.

        Lastly, I’m not trying to convince you, or anyone else, about what I posted. I give the facts, and leave it to individuals to check them out for themselves..

        Good luck.

        • Kevin

          I do not need to watch a youtube movie to already know there is no cure for Type 1 diabetes. Anyone claiming to be cured of Type 1 was misdiagnosed as a Type 1 to begin with. By sharing this misinformation, you are part of the problem gigi1114.

  • Irfan Shahid

    I just read couple of comments or this article.. type 1 or IDDM is promarily due to over inflammation of Brain. Providing insuling externally may give a quick fix, however it generally result in conversion of IDDM starting from child hood to a form which is not very easy to cure.

  • Nadia

    There is increasing evidence that supports that it may be possible to halt type 1 diabetes if it’s caught early enough… I am a type 1 diabetic and don’t take insulin; I believe anything is possible ~ but sadly we’re told it’s not so often that we believe it. You can follow my blog here if you’d like to see how I get on 🙂

  • Prince Awele Odor

    The researchers should, if they are honest, pay very serious attention to the application of recombinant DNA technology (DNA or gene RE-engineering) as the (possible) cause of the interference with the pathway because this is known about the application of DNA and gene RE-engineering for commercial agricultural ends (See Prof. John B. Fagan, Assessing the Safety and Nutritional Quality of Genetically Modified Foods,

  • Margaret Szeliga

    Not just people under the age of 20 have Type one diabetes. I got it last year at the ripe age of 53,

    • Joan Williams

      Can you imagine for a moment what it is like for a child to be diagnosed with Type 1? I am sure you can. My mom was diagnosed with Type I many years ago and had a tough time regulating her blood sugar. Also had a friend who was diagnosed as a teenager with diabetes. She went into comas at times. No young person should have to go through that at such a young age. We have come far, I believe, in helping regulate the blood sugars of kids (my niece’s son at age 10). Let’s hope for a cure, soon.

  • Glenn Taylor

    Eat a pile, Boston is a cesspool………. Marky mark is a horrid actor and his brother is worse. Boston breeds shit, it is shit and it should be wiped from the country with a few daisy cutters.

  • Dean Phillips

    There is gene therapy and stem cell work going on right now that is supposedly curing those of T1. None of us are “diabetics”, but people with diabetes. Why would anyone allow their disease to define them is beyond me.
    These treatments are not inexpensive, however. But even at 10-17 thousand dollars it is still so worth it to try, in my opinion anyway.
    Look up RCT out of Mexico and another place in southern California that sends patients to Mexico for the treatment as the FDA has not yet approved this, even though some have had reversal of their T1 by these methods!

  • R Neuville

    At 64 yrs I completely reversed my Diabetes Type 2 by:

    1 Stop eating foods with “Trans Fats”.

    2 Eat a fistful of Walnuts per day.

    This replaces the accumulated buildup of man made trans fats in your cell fat membranes and restores them to normal so that your insulin can work as intended. Walnuts are a very good source of essential natural fats.

    3 Do for 7 months … my Diabetes Type 2 completely reversed.

    Wrote a short eBooklet (10 pages) free on Kindle Prime called

    “The Walnut Cure for Diabetes Type2”

    Hope it helps someone.

    • Kevin

      R Neuville – Congratulations on reversing your type 2 diabetes. Please be considerate enough to actually read that this article is about Type 1 diabetes, which cannot be “cured” or “reversed”.

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