There’s a Laptop Called the ‘Yoga’

It’s so popular there’s even a Yoga 2.

Bus stop ad outside South Station

Bus stop ad outside South Station

Yoga purists, don’t read any further.

Laptop and tablet maker Lenovo launched the “yoga” series last year and now has more than six different models of the tablet/laptop hybrid. The original was called the Ideapad Yoga 11, a “laptop you’ll flip over.” According to PC World, the series lives up to its name, “with each machine sporting a flexible hinge that allows you to flip the display back a full 360 degrees so that the screen rests against the bottom of the keyboard deck when you’re using the device in tablet mode.”

We just think it’s funny that yoga is so mainstream that tech companies are using the ancient practice to name computers. Funny or not, people must love it because now there’s the Ideapad Yoga 11s,  the Yoga 13, the Yoga 2 Pro, and Yoga 2 Convertible which was just launched at the CES 2014 in Vegas. PC World reports: “Yoga 2 has a dual-hinge design that enables the notebook’s display to fold all the way against its bottom to become a touchscreen tablet. You can also use it in ‘stand’ mode (with the keyboard facing down and the display at a 90-degree angle to it).”

So don’t worry, yogis: Even if you can’t do a headstand, your laptop can.

  • cybersaurusrex

    Lenovo makes the best PCs right now. HP has fallen behind. Even Dell is making HP look bad. Maybe HP’s corporate leaders should stop whining and start innovating again.

  • David Shapiro/Nrsimhananda das

    Yoga means “to connect,” so it is an appropriate name for internet connections. The “branders” must have had the “flexible” idea in mind, or, perhaps, they were aware of their double entendre. Actual “Yoga” is the practice that leads to connection with God. Like any “system,” it has its various stages. Hatha yoga is the beginning physical discipline of the body designed to calm and eventually bring the mind under the control of the true self. Computers consume a lot of our attention, so, in that way, they, not we, are controlling us. Nevertheless, a liberated person sees everything as part and parcel of the Supreme Soul, so a computer engaged in devotional service to the Supreme Being is situated on the most elevated platform of yoga. Such a state of mind finds its engagement in the principles of practices of bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion. I wonder if the people at Lenovo are pushing a hidden agenda. 🙂 If so, good for them!