Planet Fitness in Government Center and Porter Square Quietly Becomes Rock ‘n Fitness

The new gym will offer group fitness classes for the first time.

Rock 'n Fitness interior photo provided.

Rock ‘n Fitness interior photo provided.

If you are walking by Government Center, you may notice that the former purple corner gym is no longer purple. That’s because the gym (and another location in Porter Square) went from being a Planet Fitness to a new concept called, Rock ‘n Fitness. Aaron West, manager of both locations, says that it was a mutual decision to party ways with Planet Fitness. “We got out of our franchise agreement to open our own entity,” he says. “It was a mutual thing, and it was not easy.” When pressed for more info, West declined to comment.

The new concept has a rock ‘n roll theme (obviously) but will include things that Planet Fitness does not offer, like group fitness classes. “It’s a little more hip,” West says. “A lot of our members were asking for classes.”

The classes will start this summer and will include Zumba, yoga, indoor cycling, and kickboxing. West says that they are renovating and expanding, taking over a downstairs storage room to create the extra space for classes. The pricing will stay the same with the usual $10 a month no contract membership, or clients can upgrade the $19.99 per month membership that provides unlimited use of both clubs, free guests (every time, any person), free stand-up tanning booth use (eek!), and half price off cooler drinks. West says that they plan to open a few more over the next few seasons.

1 Washington Mall, Boston, 617-248-8611; 1 Porter Square, Cambridge, 617-499-9944;

  • D Belly

    I’m a member. I luv the new colors and the new equipment

  • A. Washburn

    Came last night, loved the place. My wife and I will be joining today!

  • Mary S

    Everything looks great. The changes are amazing. Definitely check this place out!

  • Sheila H.

    I’ve been a member for over two years now, absolutely love the new equipment! Never was really a fan of the purple and yellow from before. Can’t wait to see what is next!

  • J. L

    I was a member of Planet Fitness Government center however recently chose to leave the gym for multiple reasons. When I went to cancel my membership in person with a written note as stated in the PF contract, I was told I had to call a number. That number was for ABC Financial. It was also the first time that they (the gym staff) had notified me that my billing information had been switched to ABC Financial when they changed from Planet Fitness to Rock N’Fitness. Without my consent or acknowledgement my credit card information was freely handed to another company. Needless to say with little to no help from the Rock N’ Fitness staff or ABC Financial I still am working to cancel my membership. I would highly recommend against becoming a member of this facility.

  • Dani

    Has anyone had the chance to look at the comments in the Universal Hub article about this gym? or the Yelp reviews? I highly suggest you check them out before joining this gym. It doesn’t make the owners of this new gym look good at all.

  • D Bella

    I came back to this article to forward to a friend that is interested in joining. It’s funny how people suggest to check out a some blog or Yelp (all negative people are “Yelpers”).
    I’m an actual member. I really like RockN Fitness. It has everything I need and I’m telling everyone I know it’s the best deal in Cambridge. Granted the place is not perfect but where can you find perfect for $10

  • cambridge7

    My “balanced” conclusion: Can’t beat $10/month if money is the measure of a gym. For very little money, you get access to a full gym in a great location, right at the T stop. That having been said, Porter Sq can get very crowded and there are lots of equipment I wish they had. I miss the Workout World/Blast Fitness. So, I had to decide whether I’m willing to pay $30/month to move to Evolve, the next tier of gym. I decided it’s worth it, and I had NO PROBLEM cancelling my RockN Fitness. In fact, on my first attempt calling, they were pleasant, and right after our conversation, they immediately emailed me a receipt showing I was all paid up and allowing me to use the gym for the remainder of the month that I had previously paid. Of course, I also called my credit card and made sure ABC Financial doesn’t accidentally charge me again, but that’s something everyone should always do (I did that for my Honda Financial lease, my Chase mortgage payments, etc.).

    • wolfndeer

      LOL you’re full of it.

      • cambridge7

        Thanks to wolfndeer, I’ll followup my previous comments. I’ve been a member of Evolve for a little while now and have some updates. Firstly, cancelling RockN Fitness was indeed easy…no problems there. Secondly, there is equipment I MISS from RockN Fitness. Thirdly, RockN Fitness is definitely more an “entry-level” gym, with both positive and negative points. Positively-speaking, their equipment caters to those occasional exercisers, both in type and quantity and layout. They’re priced low to attract a lot of members (counting on plenty to never show up). They have a nice $20 plan which includes free guest membership and use of other gyms in their network (YMMV on both of course). I have a friend who just loves RockN Fitness and is still a member. Negatively speaking, RockN Fitness is behind the curve of current trends…Eg. they’re skimpy on cross-fitness gear, and they have way too many smith machines. The clientele at Evolve are much more serious (ie. buff, incl. women) and they’re willing to drive the extra distance (no T stop nearby). So Evolve, as a mid-tier gym, has fewer but more serious patrons…could be good or bad depending on what you want. OK, bottom line is that for $10/month, there’s simply nothing wrong with RockN Fitness. If you want to get more serious about working out and are willing to pay the cost and hassle, there are other choices out there.