The ‘Wren Legging’ By Ame Wren Is Now Available

A portion of the proceeds for the organic leggings will go to charity.

Ame Wren modeling her leggings. Photo by Ellen Wells of Asana at North End Yoga.

Ame Wren modeling her leggings. Photo by Ellen Wells of Asana at North End Yoga.

Yoga instructors are doing a lot more than just teaching yoga nowadays: They’re writing books, leading retreats, and even designing mats. It’s clear that practicing yoga can also bring out the entrepreneurial spirit. Ame Wren is one of those yogis.

Wren, a Boston-based yoga instructor who teaches classes at a variety of studios (North End Yoga, Down Under Yoga, South Boston Yoga, and more), founded the Boston Yoga School in 2013. The school’s mission is to offer high-quality teacher trainings and workshops, where students can be inspired and bolstered on their path. And while Wren also leads yoga retreats around the world (we have our eye on the Costa Rica trip next January), she can now add clothing designer to her expanding resume. She’s teamed up with Hyde, the maker of organic yoga apparel, for a new line of leggings.

Wren says that she’s been a Hyde supporter for many years. “I designed this with Hyde yoga because I am a huge fan of their clothing and their mission, which is high-quality organic cotton yoga clothes made in the U.S.,” she says. “They’ve teamed up with teachers twice before with Elena Brower and Kelly Morris, who are both NYC-based yoga teachers.”

Hyde reached out to Wren last year to design leggings, and she accepted on the spot. “Part of the deal is you get to pick your favorite charity, and Hyde donates 10 percent of the proceeds to that charity.” She chose Farm Sanctuary, a national non-profit that protects farm animals from cruelty and tries to inspire change in the way society views and treats animals.

The leggings, which are made from organic cotton in the U.S., are cropped at a three-quarter length and are offered in three different colors: black, fog heather (a gray-ish), and azure (a turquoise), and can be bought online at or locally at North End Yoga.

Screenshot of the Wren legging purchase page.

Screenshot of the Wren legging purchase page.


  • Hyde Yoga

    Thank you for sharing the news about the Wren legging. We loved working with Ame on these!