The New ‘Ramblewild’ Forest Adventure Park Is Open in Massachusetts

The 900-acre park opened to the public in June.


Just a taste of what you can expect at Ramblewild. More photos below.

You don’t have to travel to the jungles of Costa Rica to try ziplining through a forest. Now, you can bounce between timbers by driving two hours on the Pike.

Ramblewild, an adventure park for children and adults where you can literally swing from the trees, is now open in Lanesborough. The park was built sustainably, according Feronia Forests, which owns the land and Vertical Water maple water. And although Drink Maple is technically a “local” company with its offices in Concord, the trees that make its water are in Canada (there’s a plan in motion for a farm in Vermont to take over production in 2015), whereas the trees that supply Vertical Water come from New York state, just a stone’s throw from the Massachusetts border.

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Feronia’s forests span across the state line and into the Berkshires, where they created a 900-acre park with eight different tree-to-tree trails. Each trail has about 12 elements and varies in difficulty.

“We want to keep trees vertical,” says co-owner Valentina Cugnasca. “We took the time to source the right building of the park and do it sustainably. Our mission is to reconnect people to the forest, and have a great time doing it. Very few trees were actually touched in the construction of [Ramblewild]. And you don’t have to be up in the trees; you can go on a meditative walk as well. People can be in the forest on different levels. It’s a physical and spiritual adventure being outside with nature.”

The park is intentionally in an area that has no electricity and no cover. There’s nothing over you except the tree canopy and nothing under you except forest. “When you’re in our park, you experience what we call a ‘forest immersion experience,'” says CEO Tim Gallagher. “The forest is all around you and you are a part of it. This helps people disconnect with media and the rush of the day-to-day tasks and enjoy the quiet calm of being a part of the forest. Families find time to reconnect in a natural environment while enjoying watching and challenging each other in a healthy, outdoor activity. At no cost, family members can walk the trails beneath the park and watch their family members experience the thrill of moving through the trees.”

The park has several interesting features: a suspended kayak about 90 feet in the air where you zip across the ravine; a saddle that swings you to the west side of the park; a snowboard and skateboard experience; and spider web features. “We have [more than] 135 unique ways of getting from one tree to another. We have a custom built 200-foot-long suspension bridge that is over our 90-foot ravine,” Gallagher says. “The bridge is designed for pedestrian traffic and allows participants and non-participants the freedom to travel to both sides of the park. The installation was something that the crew has never seen anywhere and is unique to our park. When guests see the bridge, they are overwhelmed with how something like this can be installed in such a remote location. It’s beautiful.”

110 Brodie Mountain Road, Lanesborough, 1-844-iRAMBLE,; $69 Adults 15+, $63 Teens 11-14, $57 Juniors 7-10; no children under 7 allowed; free to enter and walk around; military and group discounts available.

Below, a slideshow of what you can expect at Ramblewild.



  • Jen Daly

    Looks very fun. As the parent of an injury prone child, the fact there isn’t cell service in case of emergency admittedly frightens me. I also wonder about the safety measures that are implemented and staff to assist at each tree challenge. I’ll have to research this park further. Thanks for creating another fun destination in MA.

    • me

      They have landlines to call 9-1-1. Go in to experiences with a positive outlook not trying to figure out how it will go wrong. You will be happier

      • Frost

        Quick note, me:

        There’s a difference between rationally wondering about safety measures and having a negative outlook. Didn’t sense the latter from Ms. Daly.

        Be careful with your suppositions.

        • Heidi Clark

          I had an accident prone child as well. I also sensed safety precautions, not negative Nellie.

          • Karen

            Clearly they have harnesses on. Looks awesome to me. But then again, you can get hurt walking.

      • Jen Daly

        I wouldnt categorize myself as an unhappy person. I do, however, need to explore how safe something is before I take my kid to it. I also tend to be a bit of a worrier–Thanks for letting me know there are land lines in case of emergency. I did not catch that fact stated in this article.

      • RIconservative

        It’s not negative to check safety measures. Do you think everyone who buys a smoke detector is an unhappy person? Do you think people who wear seatbelt are depressed? If so then I hope you never have children.

    • Chrystal Beaumier

      You don’t need cell service to call 911, u don’t even need an active phone. Can be a phone with no minutes or a plan that’s shut off emeegancy calls always go through. 😉

  • Saundra Leach-Adams

    This looks interesting, would love to see an over view of the whole park

  • nick

    Says they have no power not that you have no cell service and no cover as in no roofs anywhere….

  • Amy

    I think I’ll wait til the prices go down. They have the same thing in Storrs, CT, but less than half the price.

  • wwlpreader

    Sounds like a bunch of over protective parents out there! I suggest you keep your children in a padded, accident proof life and for go the fun exciting stuff!


    Wow!!! Im passing this on !!!!!

  • Davina MacLean

    Looks pretty neat and kids would like it but that price. . Way out of my budget. We could go to six flags cheaper and they have alot to do. . This new place will be closed down if they don’t lower there should coast 200. 300 for a family of 3 to 4 I can’t imagine

  • Arvin Baileigh

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  • mizmuck

    $70? Screw that I’m going to go for a hike like a normal nature-loving person. This is for bourgie city people.

  • dumb_bureaucrats

    The place in Storrs CT is $38 for adults whereas this place is $69. That is a big difference plus it is a much further drive for me from the suburbs of Boston than Storrs. These places all think everybody is rich and can drop close to $300 for an afternoon activity for a family of 4. I’m with mizmuck…go for a freaking hike people and save your money!

  • John Patete

    You can buy a lot of rope for $240,(family of 4)…even enough to hang yourself!

  • Dana Foley

    $70 really? I’ll stick to hikes, they’re free.

  • lumendelsol

    How about I go to the white mountains for free and take that $70 and buy a nice fat bag of weed and have a way the fuck better time.

  • RPM

    Do they have Wifi? 🙂

  • Kelly Sheridan

    Great idea but its just not even close to be reasonably priced. 70 bucks to walk on your ropes, no thanks. Times are still tough and I just cant see a family of 4 paying close to 300 to experience a view from a treetop when they could just go camping for a whole week for half that. #greengreedy

  • Andre Michel Gadbois

    Can’t wait to check this place out. It looks awesome and like a very good time. I would put money aside for the summer to do this. Thank you for posting it. I think I might even do a team event with my staff there. Looks like it would be great for team building. Camping is living simple yet nice. BUT!!! Climbing on things in trees is awesome!

  • rainbow22

    really? $ 70.00 …aaahahahaha

  • kaysee2009

    For everyone complaining about the price, this *appears* to be an all day pass. $38 in Storrs gets you 2 hours. If that is the case, I would pay $69 in a heartbeat, get there when they open and not leave until they close.
    However, if there is a 2 or 3 hour limit on the ticket, not a chance. There is another one at Heritage Gardens in Sandwich run by the same company as Storrs that is over $40 for 2 hours. That is insane.