10 Amazing Day Trips to Try Before Summer Ends

Squeeze out the last few ounces of summer by visiting these local parks.

Chapel Brook Falls in Ashfield

Chapel Brook Falls in Ashfield. Photo provided by The Trustees for bostonmagazine.com

Sure, traveling the world is ideal. But if a trip to see the waterfalls of Hawaii isn’t in your vacation plans (or budget) this summer, why not take a “day trip” and explore the beautiful parks—and yes, even waterfalls—that Greater Boston has to offer? There’s waterfalls, lakes, mountainous landscapes, and much more just a short trek from the city. And while it may already be feeling like fall, these spots, all managed by the Trustees of Reservations, will make you enjoy your summer vacation all over again.

“Summer is the perfect time to plan a day trip, weekend, or week-long adventure with family and friends,” says Trustees President and CEO Barbara Erickson. “The Trustees protects properties in communities across the state and we are pleased to be available to many Massachusetts residents and visitors within a short drive.”

Below, 10 amazing places to visit before the frost:


  • Paula

    the list isn’t there…

  • susanunion

    I don’t see the list either!!! :(

    • Melissa

      the list is the slideshow. Rather that just a list, we wanted to put images. Hope that helps!

      • Kat

        I don’t actually see a slideshow, whether through browser/plug-in incompatibility or an issue with the article itself.

        It’s always nice to have a “view in single page” or other non-slideshow option for things like this. Most times when I see a slideshow without the accompanying text in article form it’s an instant “nope” and move along to another article.

  • susanunion

    I have seen it now. Thank you Melissa! Diana’s Bath in North Conway is a Great Day Trip also.. So beautiful. Water comes down from the top of the Mountain. Pack a lunch. Have fun…If you don’t know where it is, ask a local. I do not believe there is a sign nor has there ever been :)