Liquiteria Is Opening a Cambridge Location

The juice shop will open this spring.

photo via Bmag staffer

photo via Bmag staffer

In case you haven’t already noticed, the Boston area has officially reached peak juice bar. If things keep going as they have been all winter, juice bars may overtake Dunkin’ as the most recognizable businesses in Boston. We kid, but the trend clearly isn’t going anywhere, and that’s just fine by us.

Liquiteria, one of the original juiceries in New York—its first location opened in the East Village in 1996—is opening in Harvard Square this spring. Like the soon to be open Juice Press in Chestnut Hill, it will be the company’s first location outside of New York, and the sixth spot overall.

The menu is diverse, offering smoothies (starting around $7) and fresh-pressed juices (starting at $8) that are a bit more unique than the usual green variety (read: ingredients like blood orange and turmeric). Menu items include: Winter Sunshine
(blood orange, tangerine, pomegranate, pear, ginger); Coffee and Cacao (fair-trade coffee, raw cacao, almond butter, bananas, chocolate almond milk, chocolate whey protein, raw coconut sugar); and quinoa bowls, acai bowls, oatmeal, and a variety of salads.

Even though the city is becoming saturated with juice bars (again, we are not complaining), Liquiteria has the brand recognition (I squealed with joy when a colleague sent me the above picture this morning), and the unique options to set it apart.

Although Mother Juice recently opened in Kendall Square, and staff favorite Life Alive is in Central, this opening in Harvard Square fills a much needed void.

1430 Massachusetts Ave.;

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