10 Healthy Food Trucks to Try Now

Our list of the healthiest food on wheels.

Food trucks

Food trucks photo by Emily Phares

Food trends are notoriously fleeting (read: cupcakes and frozen yogurt), but food trucks don’t seem to be going anywhere. Boston boasts a food truck for nearly every cuisine imaginable, but before you’re tempted by grilled cheese and bacon, check out our list of healthy food trucks circulating the city.

1. Clover Food Lab

It’s become legendary that Clover doesn’t own freezers, a testament to its obsession with keeping your food as fresh as possible. The menus change daily, and as many ingredients as possible are sourced locally and organically. In addition to its fleet of trucks, Clover now has brick and mortar locations in Cambridge, Brookline, and Burlington.

2. Taco Party

Tacos sans meat and cheese may not sound super appealing, but Taco Party’s menu of creative, vegan tacos may change your mind. Fillings include chorizo seitan, Sriracha jackfruit, and chimichurri tempeh.

3. Fresh Food Generation

Fresh Food Generation serves up healthy Latin American- and Caribbean-influenced dishes, sourcing many of its ingredients from local farmers. The truck also has a philanthropic aim, focusing on Boston neighborhoods that have little access to fresh, healthy food.

4. The Chubby Chickpea

Fried falafel may not be the healthiest choice, but this Mediterranean food truck has plenty of other nutritious options, like rice bowls and salads. Look out for the fattoush salad, comprised of lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, pomegranate seeds, and homemade honey lemon dressing.

5. Bon Me

This food truck makes many of its ingredients from scratch, and frequently offers vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free dishes. Bon Me’s specialty is the Vietnamese sandwich of the same name, but any of its fillings options can be added to a rice bowl, noodle salad, or salad as well.

6. Chili Mango & Lime

Chili Mango & Lime serves up fresh Asian food, much of which is vegetarian. Particularly healthy options include red lentils with spices, green papaya salad, Bangladeshi salad, and various chicken curries and stir fries.

7. Boston Projuice

If you’ve seen a multi-colored school bus roaming the streets, it was likely Boston Projuice, a new food truck serving up all natural juice, smoothies, and produce-based ice pops. The truck also has three varieties of kale chips: sea salt and olive oil, apple cashew maple cinnamon, and tahini sunflower seed with soy vinegar.

8. Sheharazad

Serving up Iraqi and Middle Eastern cuisine,  Sheharazad packs its dishes with plenty of produce. It’s got a rotating menu of salads, soups, and entrees, including tried-and-true favorites like Iraqi Red Chicken, a dish of roasted chicken in tomato sauce with bulgur.

9. Mei Mei Street Kitchen

While its signature Double Awesome—two fried eggs sandwiched between two scallion pancakes—is hardly a diet-friendly choice, it is possible to have a nutritious meal at Mei Mei. Go for its kale salad, green coconut tofu curry, or noodle salad.

10. Saté Grill

Formerly Momogoose, this Asian food truck gives you the chance to create a custom-built healthy meal. You choose your meal’s format—sandwich, rice bowl, noodle salad, noodle soup, or salad—and protein and then pile on veggies, giving you full power to make a healthy meal.

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