The Boston Vegetarian Society Held Its 20th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival

This year’s event included wares from more than 120 exhibitors.


Desserts at the Vegetarian Food Festival. / Photo by Lindsey Paradis

This past weekend, the Boston Vegetarian Society hosted the 20th annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, a two-day event dedicated to the celebration of all things animal-free.

Held at Roxbury Community College, this year’s festival featured more than 120 exhibitors, who displayed everything from dairy-free ice cream to scented soaps and jewelry. By 11:30 a.m. on the festival’s first day, patrons were braving nippy fall weather in an out-the-door line for Vegan Treat Bakery—a turnout matched only by the line for Taco Party‘s vegan tacos. 

Besides food, the festival’s exhibits included environmentally friendly soaps and beauty products from companies such as Rédgine’s Botanical Spirits and Salty Soaps, as well as clothing and accessories from Sudo Shoes and Snooty Jewelry. Camberville Dog Treats was selling hand-made and local vegetarian snacks for pets.

The event also featured 10 speakers over the course of the two days, ranging from Mona Sigal’s presentation about the myths behind milk to cooking demos from chefs such as Shayna Ashton, who taught crowds how to make her “Easy Chickpeasy No Cheesy Breakfast Quiche” and mushroom casserole.

Check out the photos below for some shots of the festival’s exhibitors:

Vegetarian Food Fest

Photo by Lindsey Paradis

Vegetarian Food Fest

Photo by Lindsey Paradis


Photo by Lindsey Paradis

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