Top Doctors 2009

Vitals: Fourth-year at BU, 25, from Cincinnati
Going into: Anesthesiology and critical care
Ten years from now: "Working at an academic medical center that helps the underserved, and balancing that with a family"

"The coverage of the ‘death panels' really upsets me. That controversy will make people more leery of having an end-of-life conversation with their doctor in the first place—a conversation everybody should have. There's nothing worse than seeing someone who's not in the right mindset to make medical decisions, and their family is dealing with their own grief and having to make the decision for them. A lot of doctors are hesitant to raise the issue because they don't want to seem like they're giving up. I know people who are great, great doctors, but they never have end-of-life discussions. I think they're just too nice."


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