Top Doctors 2009

Vitals: Fourth-year at BU, 26, from Denver
Going into: Radiation oncology
Ten years from now: "Balancing patient care with cancer research"

"My mother had breast cancer when I was really young, and we didn't know how she was going to do or how long she was going to live. She's fine now, but the treatments were pretty tough on her and our family. So cancer was frightening: It was the unknown. In college I started to see that kind of uncertainty and fear as a formidable opponent. I wanted to know more about cancer, rather than run away from it.

Radiation oncology is also very team-oriented, and I've been on teams all my life—I was a runner in junior high and college. My field is definitely a small, competitive one, and it seems to be getting more popular every year. But it's something that I've set my sights on, so I'm not letting that get to me."


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