Top Doctors 2009

Vitals: Fourth-year at BU, 25, from Honolulu
Going into: General surgery 

Ten years from now: "Being at a big-city teaching hospital, applying for attending jobs while I build up my roster of patients"

"I remember as a kid making a list of things I did not want to be, and ‘doctor' was on the list. I wanted to be a paleontologist; I was going to study dinosaurs. But growing up, I realized that a lot of people I knew weren't in the greatest of health—including my mother, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes—and that medicine was a way I could give back to my community.

At first I thought I would go into family medicine, but when I did my surgery rotation I absolutely loved it. It's so amazing to see the patients' bodies inside and out, to actually see how your work takes effect. So I still feel I can help the underserved, as long as I work in the right setting. It doesn't have to be through primary care."


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