21 Top Breweries in New England

Raise your glass to the best beer in the region. After arguing over the finer points, we’ve settled on this list of the 21 top beer-makers in New England right now. Cheers!


Divine Comedian

Cambridge’s Mindy Kaling on ethnic white people, weather denial, and smelling Matt Damon.

The Monster Next Door

Beatrice Munyenyezi claimed she was a refugee from the Rwandan genocide. Federal agent Brian Andersen suspected she was someone far more sinister.

Suburban Awe

Interior designer Lindsay Bentis levels a dated ranch house in Newton—and builds a bigger, more functional ranch in its stead.

Q&A with Barney Frank

An occasionally contentious, consistently fascinating conversation with the former congressman.


Astral Sojourn

The untold story of how Van Morrison fled record-industry thugs, hid out in Boston, and wrote one of rock’s greatest albums.

The Odd Couple

Under the Golden Dome, House Speaker Robert DeLeo is consolidating power the old-fashioned way, while new Senate President Stan Rosenberg is practically giving it away in the halls. Will they drive each other nuts?


Sneaky Sounds

At Rubber Tracks, a new recording studio adjacent to Converse’s downtown headquarters, musicians will have a chance to lay it down, for free.

Pedal Power

Hubway’s back and open for business. Here, a look at the bike-share program by the numbers.

Valley Speak

A local tech guru helps HBO’s hit startup sitcom speak the right code.

On the Run

Run (or watch) the marathon in style with these fresh kicks.


First Bite: River Bar

One of the few indie restaurants in Somerville’s rapidly developing Assembly Row complex boasts fun, creative bar snacks—and an atmosphere to match.

Perfect Your Wind-up

Just two blocks away from Fenway Park, the culinary mecca that is Peterborough Street offers seven global cuisines in one short stretch.

Go with the Grain

The hippie-chic grain bowl is enjoying a star turn in stylish cafés and restaurants citywide. Here are four creative takes on the form.

Step Up Your Bar Crawl

It’s possible to sample a few must-try local varieties at beer bars right in town. Here are the five spots you don’t want to miss.

Dining Out: Vialé

With rich Italian fare and craft cocktails, the Vialé team hopes to fill the big shoes left by Rendezvous in Central Square.

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