Stronger, Faster, Dirtier

This type-A town has always had a thing for in-your-face intensity, and it was only a matter of time before our getting-in-shape gambits got turbocharged. Boston, it seems, has fallen hard for extreme fitness. This month, we highlight six regimens that are more than just trendy—they’re also highly effective, guaranteed to get you into the best shape of your life.


Losing Aaron

After his son was arrested for downloading files at MIT, Bob Swartz did everything in his power to save him. He couldn’t. Now he wants the institute to own up to its part in Aaron’s death.

Lord of the Sties

Anwar Faisal has built an empire renting to the city’s college students, but he hasn’t been so good at making sure his apartments are actually habitable.

The Elephant Woman

Can New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte save the national Republican party? Maybe, but first she’ll have to get reelected in her own state.


A Snowball’s Chance

As global temperatures rise, the New England ski industry is in danger of totally melting away—and sooner than you think.

The Decider

Joyce Linehan convinced Elizabeth Warren to run for Senate and helped Marty Walsh become mayor. But will the former punk-rock promoter ever take center stage?


Let the Games Begin

Any day now, the U.S. Olympic Committee could accept Boston’s bid for the 2024 Summer Games. But if we win, do we really lose?


Help Boston’s new mayor navigate his first year in office!

Q&A: Simon Shnapir & Marissa Castelli

The U.S. Figure Skating Championships are coming to Boston January 5 to 12, with main events at the TD Garden. If Shnapir and Castelli win, they’re headed to Sochi.


Dining Out: Ribelle

Tim Maslow’s Italian-inflected Washington Square newcomer trades on potent bursts of unconventional, nuanced flavors—and an uncanny knack for house-made pasta.

Fashion & Style

Bathed in Beauty

Tucked away deep inside this Beacon Hill townhouse condo is Boston’s sweetest en suite.


Heed More Science

Plus 10 other New Year’s resolutions for 2014, reverse-engineered from the latest in Boston-born research studies. (If these don’t stick, you can blame the data.)

Arts & Entertainment