The Murders Before the Marathon

Waltham, September 11, 2011: Three men, throats slit, cash and drugs left on the bodies. Two years later, two dead suspects: Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and a friend who the FBI says was about to confess. One haunting question: Could solving this case have prevented the Boston Marathon bombings?


Best Places to Live: You Belong Here

We’ve crunched the numbers, consulted the experts, and scoured more than 150 neighborhoods and towns to find the best places for buyers at every life stage.

Holding Court

Haute sneakers, body-conscious dresses, statement watches—this season’s sporty-luxe pieces score big points at Boston’s iconic Tennis & Racquet Club.

Will John Henry Save the Globe?

Maybe, but his ambitions are much grander. “I feel my mortality,” he says. So here’s his plan: He’s going to use the time he has left on earth to try to save journalism itself.


Help Needed, Stat!

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference has become arguably the biggest off-the-field date on the sports-world calendar, but some wonder whether the gathering has outgrown its original purpose.


Paper Trail

How a mess of Gore Vidal papers becomes a priceless archive.

Running Late(r)

When it comes to post-midnight T service, we’ve gotta use it or lose it.

Q&A: Derek Kellogg

UMass basketball hasn’t cracked the NCAA bracket since 1998, but head coach Derek Kellogg has finally revived the program. Now his Minutemen are hoping to see just how far they can dance.


Talking Sumac

Plus four other on-trend Middle Eastern market staples worth a place in your pantry.

The Casual Conundrum

The blurring of high and low has been a boon for glitz-averse diners. The sticker shock? Not so much.

Dining Out: The Kirkland Tap & Trotter

For his second restaurant, superchef Tony Maws dials back on the flourishes and works wonders with a grill. With a little more consistency, this Somerville newcomer might truly shine.

Fashion & Style

Pep in Your Step

Hey, guys: Let that sartorial side shine with this spring’s whimsical crop of bright, patterned socks.

Indie-Scent Proposal

This season, stand out from the crowd with a fresh ­fragrance you can’t find at every department-store ­counter.


Spring Awakening

From nipping at your nose to zapping your vitamin D, Jack Frost wreaks havoc all winter. Here’s how to undo the damage.

Arts & Entertainment

By the Book

Susanna Kaysen is back this month with a new novel, Cambridge. Readers might note more than a few familiar landmarks.