The Shoes We Wore

Some of them completed the race. Others were stopped before the finish line. Here is what they ran in, and what they witnessed, during the 117th Boston Marathon.


Welcome to Splitsville

The biggest loss in a divorce often isn’t your partner. It’s your confidence. And so, for everyone out there suddenly healing from the trauma of a legal rupture, we offer this post-divorce primer. From hawking your jewelry to finding a new look, here’s how to pick yourself up, knock off the dust, and get back in the game.

The End of Ownership

After defining ourselves for generations by our possessions, a dramatic cultural shift is under way. These days, what matters to a growing number of Americans is not so much ownership as access. And that has made Boston ground zero for a powerful new force in modern life: The sharing economy.

Boston Public

As Carol Johnson prepares to step down after six tumultuous years as Boston’s superintendent of schools, her job performance has become a central issue in the city’s first competitive mayoral race in a generation. Critics portray her as an ineffective steward, while her admirers say she’s been a compassionate leader. So how’d she do, really?


Multiple Choice

In our crazy healthcare system, insurance companies often decide which infertility treatments a woman can use. And that, as our correspondent discovered firsthand, can lead to troubling consequences.

The App Pack

Two Boston city employees are using technology to revolutionize the way local governments interact with residents. And they’re doing it from—of all places—inside Mayor Menino’s City Hall.


As Good As New

Could a new kind of market for books help save the business? One local company thinks so.

Bee Town

Endangered nationally, honeybees are thriving in Boston.


Flower Power

Local chefs use microgreens and edible flowers to add powerful color and flavor to dishes.

Yes, Whey

How local chefs and bartenders are working with whey.

The Goods

This month, we’re into fudge brownies, coupole goat cheese, and cinnamon-sugar chubs.

Fashion & Style

Glow Sticks

Check out this shapely “Moderne” candelabrum by Dunes and Duchess.

About Face

Benefit is opening a cosmetics store on Newbury Street.

With Honors

Prep your favorite grad for life after campus with these classy accoutrements.

Waves of Grain

A surfboard company in Maine gives new meaning to walking the plank.


Arts & Entertainment

Eight Must-See Events in May

Matthew Reed Baker’s guide to this month’s events, including the Old State House’s tricentennial, Julie Wu’s The Third Son, the ICA’s Foster Prize, and more.

Museum 2.0

The MFA goes high-tech to grab the attention of visitors.


A new book details how Boston’s geography helped determine the outcome of the Revolution.