Up in the Air

Thirty-three stories above the city of Boston, the season’s prettiest wedding-gown trends rise to the occasion.


Also In This Issue

Sweet Nothings

Pretty pieces to take you from the prep to the party to the wedding night.

Present Perfect

Ready to put together your wedding wish list? Start with these six essential building blocks.


Editor Brittany Jasnoff tackles your toughest big-day conundrums.

Rules of Engagement

Number one: Pick a diamond ring as distinctive as the bride-to-be. Luckily, these days striking solitaires come in all shapes and sizes.

A Feast for All Seasons

Four caterers celebrate New England’s bounty with colorful, locally sourced first courses.

Frill Seeker

Tiered cake, tiered dress, tiered…necklace? Delicate and feminine, runway-inspired ruffles make everything look a little more bridal.

Parting Shot

A rainy day leads to a sweet, serendipitous photo.