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Design Director Eric Mongeon
Executive Editor Rachel Slade
Articles Editor Chris Vogel
Managing Editor Brittany Jasnoff
Research + Arts Editor Matthew Reed Baker
Senior Editor S.I. Rosenbaum
Food Editor Christopher Hughes
Style Editor Loren Savini
Senior Writer Erick Trickey
Staff Writer Chris Sweeney
Research Assistant Andrea Timpano
Editorial Assistant Irene Berman-Vaporis

Digital Editor Yiqing Shao
Deputy Digital Editor Lisa Weidenfeld
Associate Digital Editors Jacqueline Cain, Shaula Clark, Olivia Rassow
Digital News Editor Garrett Quinn
Digital Writers Kyle Clauss, Matt Juul
Assistant Digital Editor Olga Khvan
Digital Editorial Assistants Jamie Ducharme, Madeline Bilis

Art Director, Special Projects Michele Snow
Photo Editor Toan Trinh

Pre-Press/Production Director Deborah Cassell
Pre-Press Supervisor Barbara J. Stone
Production Coordinator Lauren Molino
Production Assistant Joshua Neal



Executive Chairman D. Herbert Lipson
Chairman and CEO David H. Lipson Jr.
President and COO Rick Waechter
EVP Content and Strategy Tom McGrath
Chief Financial Officer Kathy O’Dea

President and CEO Rick Waechter
Publisher Kristen Standish
Associate Publisher Jaime Escott

Associate Publisher—Home/Weddings Christina Tassie Miller
National Account Executives David Garland, Emily Walk Geller
Senior Account Executives Reagan Driscoll, Renee Green, Cheryl Kaufman
Account Executives Calvert Casey, Jacqueline Murphy
Independent Account Executives Eric Benjamin, Danielle Duane
Sales Coordinator Lauren Finkel
Integrated Media Assistants Katelyn Berube, Loriana Rosati
Digital Account Managers Tammy Kim, Madeline Rain

Director of Digital Production Fred Hosley
Senior Digital Producer Lisa DeCotis
Senior Manager Jennifer Penningroth
Developer Chris Court

Marketing Director Leah Palone
Marketing Manager Elizabeth Brown, Emily Knight
Digital Marketing Coordinator Alexa Burrows
Marketing Assistants Amanda Brabec, Kristina Chao, Alexandra Norton
Graphic Designer Tommy White

Executive Assistant to the President Heather Mitus
Office Coordinator Jessica Silver

Accounting Stacy Jarrett
Business Manager Alexandra Hill
Credit Assistant Danielle Nagelski
Credit Manager Dustin Fasanella
Director of Information Technology Daniel Shimberg
Human Resources Manager Alexandra Nodiff

Circulation Marketing Circulation Specialists, Inc.
Subscription Manager John O’Brien
Newsstand Sales Manager Ed Anderson

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