Barney Frank Once Ate a 'Special' Brownie

In keeping with his ability to say whatever the heck he wants now that he’s retiring (or just in general), U.S. Rep. Barney Frank gives us all a peek into his very modest drug consumption. Asked by CNN’s Erin Burnett Wednesday if he regularly smokes marijuana, he replied:

No, I don’t. I smoke a cigar or two a day. I did have a brownie once. It made me sleepy.

So … now you know. Frank’s pot consumption sounds a bit more conservative than, say, Barack Obama’s. (He of the Choom Gang.) But his support for legalization, which he discussed on the show, is a lot more liberal. As Massachusetts weighs whether to permit medical marijuana, Frank reiterated his emphatic support for full scale legalization. He said, for instance:

Instead of this being a drain on our resources, we could tax it like anything else and use it as a contribution to revenues.

Think of the “Special” bake sales to be had!

Eric Randall
Eric Randall Eric Randall, Contributor at Boston Magazine

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