Mitt Romney Made It Really Hard to Shop Online for Binders

We noted Wednesday that it took about ten minutes for Mitt Romney’s statement that while governor he requested “binders full of women” from which to select qualified job candidates, to become a full-fledged internet gag. Well in the ensuing 36 hours or so it has continued its transformation and becom— no, wait, it’s still an internet gag. But not satisfied with Tumblrs and Mean Girls spin-offs, the internet has found a new way to mock the Governor’s odd turn of phrase: Amazon product reviews of actual 3-ring binders.

Yes, Romney’s critics are so amused (or incensed) at the anecdote that they have flooded the product reviews with snarky takes on the line, most of them noting that the binders are simply too small to fit very many women. There are literally hundreds spread across the reviews on every kind of binder for sale on Amazon. Here’s a representative few from an Avery 1 inch three-ring binder:

And another:

And another:

Okay, guys, good one. But what if one actually needs to buy a binder for some other purpose, like holding actual papers or making left-handed people feel incompetent while they take notes? We suppose people will just have to wait for the next debate to kill off the current joke. Remember Big Bird guys? No? That’s what we thought.

Eric Randall
Eric Randall Eric Randall, Contributor at Boston Magazine