Introducing … Michael Scott Brown

The latest politics-pop culture mashup to hit Tumblr.

Following up on the news that Scott Brown will join the corporate board of a local paper company, we here at Boston had some fun imagining a mashup of Michael Scott, the ineloquent boss at a paper company played by Steve Carell on NBC's The Office, and Scott Brown himself. There's a healthy tradition on the wild wild web of mashing up politicians with more whimsical pop culture characters. See: “Ron Paul Swanson” and so your humble blogger here took the liberty of creating: The permutations of Michael Scott quotes appended to real-life Scott Brown situations are, as it turns out, nearly endless. A few samples from the Tumblr:


This exchange is only slightly less coherent than the actual women's right conversations in those debates:


On deciding against a Senate run:

“Wish I could, but I can’t. Well, can, but won’t. Should, maybe, but shorn’t.” —Michael Scott.

The fun keeps on coming at

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Eric Randall Eric Randall, Contributor at Boston Magazine

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