Menino Bows Out: Tweet by Tweet

David Bernstein broke the news via Twitter.

Paul Revere had his two lanterns, and around 2 p.m. yesterday former Boston Phoenix reporter David Bernstein sent two tweets heard round the world, floating the rumor that Mayor Menino would not seek reelection:


The Dorchester Reporter’s Gintautas Dumcius quickly picked up on the news:

And Bernstein started getting more sources coming is way:

Then Dumcius’ own sources confirmed it a bit later:

By then the news had quickly ricocheted around the Twitter-sphere:

The Globe posted their own tweet to that effect…

And changed their banner headline to break the news:

Posting a story shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, mayoral candidate John Connolly graciously thanked the Mayor

And Howie Carr got in some not-so-gracious digs over at the Herald:

Mumbles, Don’t go breaking my heart — Boston Herald (@bostonherald) March 28, 2013

While Globe Editor Brian McGrory posted a sit-down with the hizzoner as he looked back on the last 20 years.

And the man who broke the news? What was he up to all this time?



Janelle Nanos
Janelle Nanos Janelle Nanos, Contributor