The Spending Habits of Boston’s Mayoral Candidates

Here's how much the candidates spent in May—and on what.

Andrew Ryan of the Globe did a good job at the end of May getting the major mayoral candidates’ fundraising and cash-on-hand numbers. But only now, with the reports coming in, can we see how much the candidates spent during the month—and on what.

Ranked in dollar-amount order:

1. John Connolly, $94, 921: The candidate who’s been at it longest has ramped up the biggest operation, and the costs to show for it. Includes more than $55,000 in printing; close to $10,000 in payroll; and $5,500 in rent.

2. Mike Ross, $76,129: This may be misleading; it includes more than $30,000 in apparent payroll costs; I’m waiting for clarification. Much of the rest went to consulting, research, and website development.

3. Marty Walsh, $60,415: Includes more than $12,000 on printing, $11,000 on event costs, and $10,000 in consulting.

4. Rob Consalvo, $47,546: Big roll-out meant $7,000 for event production, more than $8,000 for printing signs, $5,000 for website development, $2,500 for T-shirt printing, and $3,600 for rent. Plus $7,000 to a fundraising consultant, so there might be money to do more in the future.

5. Dave Portnoy, $19,256: Almost all for nomination signatures. Still waiting to see if they got enough to get him on the ballot.

6. Bill Walczak, $17,640: Unlike many of the office-holding candidates, Walczak started with no existing organization or infrastructure; his expenses are mostly for the people and consultants to get him off the ground.

7. John Barros, $16,929: Same situation as Walczak, and again mostly expenses for people.

8. Dan Conley, $11,357: Some printing, a voter list purchase, nothing big. There is an additional $70,000 that appears to be a bank account rectification of some kind, but I am trying to get clarification.

9. Charles Yancey, $1,579: Office supplies, phone bill. Yancey doesn’t need much to do his thing.

10. Charlotte Golar Richie, $902: Seems like kind of a slow ramp-up here, huh?

David S. Bernstein
David S. Bernstein David S. Bernstein, Contributing Editor, Boston Magazine

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