John Connolly Leads, According to Poll … Commissioned by Connolly’s Campaign

John Connolly’s early mayoral campaign launch appears to have paid dividends—at least, according to a poll commissioned by his own campaign. Although the Connolly campaign is neither confirming nor commenting on it, I have obtained and confirmed the results of the new poll:

Undecided:  34%

John Connolly:  16%

Felix Arroyo:  10%

Dan Conley:  8%

Marty Walsh:  6%

Charles Yancey:  6%

Charlotte Golar-Richie:  6%

Rob Consalvo:   5%

Mike Ross:  5%

Bill Walczak:  3%

John Barros:  1%

The poll carries a margin of error of 4 percent.

Basically, according to this poll, we have a race at the start of the summer with Connolly well on his way to what he needs to get through the preliminary, Arroyo and Conley with a little advantage over the rest, and then a wide-open field behind them.

And, of course, one-third of the electorate is up for grabs.

David S. Bernstein
David S. Bernstein David S. Bernstein, Contributing Editor, Boston Magazine

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