Jobs Day For Mayoral Candidates

Labor Day offered the Mayor's race an obvious theme.

From this point on, the mayoral candidates will be desperately seeking attention in the three-week sprint to the preliminary election. Today being Labor Day, three of them came out with big, bold, new, multi-point proposals on jobs:

–Felix Arroyo unveiled his Pathways out of Poverty plan, which combines plans for better jobs and education.

–Dan Conley gave a speech and released a Better Jobs Now plan (not available online yet), promising to close the racial employment gap. [Update: it’s now online.]

–Charlotte Golar Richie released a jobs plan that she says will create more than 30,000 new jobs in Boston during her first term.

We’ll see how all that gets played in tomorrow’s papers — or if they all get superceded by Marty Walsh’s speech at the Greater Boston Labor Day breakfast, in which he asserted both his pride as a “son of labor,” but also his willingness to stand up to unions as mayor.

David S. Bernstein
David S. Bernstein David S. Bernstein, Contributing Editor, Boston Magazine

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