It’s Ask Bernstein Anything Day!

Our contributing editor is taking your questions about local and state politics.

“It is not every question that deserves an answer,” Publius wrote. I disagree! (Although I do think Proverbs is onto something with “Answer a fool according to his folly.”)

So go ahead and Ask Me Anything, and I will do my best to provide my best information, analysis, prognostication, punditry, rumor-mongering, or speculation over the course of the day.

You can leave your questions as comments to this post, or email them to me at

I’m looking forward to it!

10:44 a.m.: What About the Other Gubernatorial Candidates?

11:20 a.m.: Are We In For a Walsh-Connolly Rematch in 2017?

11:38 a.m.: Who’s Going to Fill the Open House Leadership Roles?

3:28 p.m.: Who Wants to Be a State Representative Now?

4:02 p.m.: What’s Going to Happen in the Race for Middlesex DA?

4:16 p.m.: How Many Votes in the 2013 Elections?

4:31 p.m.: How Wounded is Michelle Wu for Siding #TeamLinehan?

David S. Bernstein
David S. Bernstein David S. Bernstein, Contributing Editor, Boston Magazine

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